The most 5 important applications in digital marketing

Written by Azza Hawash

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The most 5 important applications in digital marketing

When organizations succeed in reaching their audience, they still have an important step, which is to retain them in the long term, so companies spend more money in digital marketing, and seek to hire public relations specialists, and sometimes use traditional marketing methods such as distributing publications, using billboards .. ..etc.

Digital marketing not only represents the widespread spread of companies but also allows the owners of these companies to maintain their customers and improve their services, by talking with customers and conducting opinion surveys to find out their trends, organizing competitions, interacting, and building a wide base of customers and close relationships with them, building brand awareness. Business, answer customer questions, provide customer service, and other benefits at lower prices.
But success in digital marketing, with the presence of great competition among business owners, requires entrepreneurs to adhere to strategies based on appropriate tools that allow effective communication, and the ability to measure, analyze and obtain accurate data that make digital marketing plans more effective.

One of the important applications that you need in digital marketing:


Because content is king to other types of digital marketing, BuzzSumo allows you to discover what content will yield the best results even before you write it, you can know how much content is being shared on social media, what percentage of pages, what topics and types Content that is shared more than anything, and also allows for research: has this topic been written more than once already, what are the most popular articles about it, and you can use BuzzSumo to find influencers in your field.



One of the best SEO and SEM tools in the market helps boost your ranking on search engines, learn more about your competitors and monitor your standing on the engines, Ahrefs helps you find out why your competitors rank so high and what you need to do to outclassed them.

The tool also gives you a great opportunity to see where your competitors are getting traffic from. You can also see what keywords competitors are using in search results, how much traffic that content brings, and how many backlinks their sites are linking to, in addition to that, it gives you the “Content Explorer” feature. The opportunity to find the most shared content on the web. The tool gives you data on 240 million keywords in 100 countries across the world.


Google Adwords

One of the most used and complex ad platforms ever is owned by Google, where advertisers pay to display summary ads, service offerings, product listings, and content for certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google search results since advertisers have to pay for these clicks.

AdWords is very effective for many types of businesses, as long as they don’t pay for the wrong keywords, write poor ads, and have a low CTR.


Sprout Social

It is a social networking and corporate engagement management platform for business, providing tools for sharing, publishing, analysis, and team collaboration.

Sprout Social is one of the digital marketing applications that make it easier for brands to interact efficiently with existing and potential customers, and the listening programs, deep analytics, social media management solutions, and customer care that feature Sprout Social help you build close links between customers and companies, and its ability to strengthen relationships. Deep and purposeful relationships between the people, communities, organizations, and brands that matter to them.

The tool’s interface is easy to use, featuring drop-down menus that enable you to export reports and add your branding if you want to send reports to a client or include them in your documentation.


An important platform for email marketing, Mailchimp makes it easy to create campaigns that help you reach your audience at the right time and place, and you’ll be able to integrate it with other apps and tools you use.

MailChimp is geared for businesses to send messages, collect statistics and improve performance, although the program has a free plan, the app offers a paid plan for business development, so if you need more advanced features, you can always upgrade to the MailChimp Pro plan, which offers additional tools For testing and reporting, advanced segmentation, and private support.




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