Using Clubhouse in digital marketing

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Using Clubhouse in digital marketing

Clubhouse is a social media platform. And the fastest-growing and famous in record time. It is a voice-only application, how it can be used to grow sales and marketing.

One of the biggest mistakes that any company makes is to refrain from using social networks for its growth. Through low or no engagement on social media platforms, these companies miss out on an opportunity to create a distinctive brand. It also loses an important competitive advantage with its customers.


So what is a clubhouse?

It is an application that contains voice chat rooms. Participants can communicate not only with their friends. But with great presidents and world-renowned teachers.

Clubhouse is an audio-only app, which means you won’t find any video or visual content there.


The history of the clubhouse

The platform celebrates its first anniversary this year. Posted in March 2020, it was launched by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, both of whom previously worked for Google. It was not easy to set up and cost the founders dozens of experiments. But they were determined to achieve their goal.

Initially, the Clubhouse targeted celebrities, educators, and thought leaders. After a while, the platform started growing its audience by leaps and bounds. According to AppAnnie, the Clubhouse app grew from more than 5.6 million to 14.6 million global downloads from February 1-16 of this year.


How does the Clubhouse app work?

There are two ways to enter the platform

By Personal Invitation: Once someone joins the Clubhouse, they automatically receive invitations that they can send to someone else using their phone number.

Reserve your username: If you haven’t received an invitation, you can download the app and keep your username there. Your friends who are already using Clubhouse will receive a notification and be able to let you in even if they don’t have any invitations to send.

Set up your Clubhouse profile

Once you are in the Clubhouse, you will need to set up your profile, something that will allow people to get to know you, and write an attractive CV (information that will tell others about your job, product, achievements, etc.).

Browse the clubhouse’s suggestions list

Like many other social media platforms, Clubhouse will give you suggestions, where you will find the list of current rooms, scheduled rooms, clubs, and recommended people to chat with.

Visit the Clubhouse rooms

Rooms are where members who are interested in a topic gather to discuss it. As you scroll through the rooms, you’ll see details about each room (its name, number of people and speakers), so you can decide if you want to join.

When you enter any room, you will be automatically muted. So, if you want to give a speech, you must click on the “raise hand” icon in the lower right corner of the room page. Additionally, admins can add people to the room by clicking the “+” icon in the same right corner below.

How to create room and room types

You have to click on the Start Room button at the bottom of the main page and choose from ‘Closed’, ‘Social’, or ‘Open’ rooms.

The closed room is only open to specified persons.

The second type is social room is open to all people who are already followed by the moderator.

The third is the open room, which is the room that anyone in the Clubhouse can view or join.

How to create clubhouse clubs according to interests

Apart from Clubhouse rooms, you can join a club or create your own (interest-oriented groups).

Types of membership within each club:

The founder is the owner of the club, he sets the rules and invites the people.

A moderator is a role given by the club’s founder, allowing him to approve and remove club members. Besides, you can unlock public or private rooms within the club.

The member can create private rooms, and participate in both public and private rooms.

The follower is not allowed to create rooms but you can follow the general club activities.

Why should I use Clubhouse in my work?

Data collection

The Clubhouse provides a great deal of raw data. Which enables me to know customer needs. Or know their interests and inquiries. Which enables you to provide answers to those questions on your site. Or provide the products that your customers need, and know what distinguishes your competitors and their weaknesses as well.

Using this app, you can set up or visit sales and marketing events for free! But what about after a great webinar, your attendees will start calling you directly with the Clubhouse.

Create brand awareness

Clubhouse is a word-of-mouth platform. No matter what room you’re in, by simply giving a speech, you can make the audience aware of what you’re doing. In other words, Clubhouse is your chance to tell the world about your brand and create your product as a core solution.

Building trust and community development

With Clubhouse, you have a good chance to enhance your experience, increase your audience and boost general interest in your brand. And if you tell your story openly, make sure you get people’s trust.

Lead generation

Getting new leads for your brand seems inevitable. Especially if you have real value to offer, communicate it to your audience and associate that value with your brand. People will want to find your landing page or talk to you directly.


Challenges of using Clubhouse

Despite all the advantages of the Clubhouse you still have to think about the challenges that can be faced:

Attendance is always changing

Imagine that you created a list of points to cover during a sales webinar. But listeners are unpredictable. People can enter the room whenever they want and start asking the questions you have already answered. Which can distract you, but you can always manage the dialogue and reach a compromise.

There is no record of your content

Brands strive to rank high in search engines because they know this will bring them awareness and increase their reach. But with the Clubhouse, that won’t happen. At least as soon as possible. No one can find your conversation in the Clubhouse search.


Tips on how to use Clubhouse for your business

Writing a suitable CV

The CV at Clubhouse is your business card, where you can leave any information you wish. So don’t be shy. Tell the audience about yourself, your brand, and your product out there.

Be clear about who you are and what you’re doing, explaining how you can help your fellow Clubhouse users, and after the first three lines make your resume as informative, interact as possible with relevant awards, and it’s also a good idea to add relevant keywords to improve your chances of being found in Clubhouse Explore page.

And most importantly: Don’t forget to let people know how to contact you and what rooms or clubs you host, and this is one of the most prominent ways you can market through Clubhouse.

Important tip: Announce your room date and time on other social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. To notify and excite your existing followers to come, listen and share.

Think of a unique room address

When starting your room, ensure its title mentions your brand, product, or service and is related to the main topic you want to raise.

Provide added value

People will walk into your rooms expecting value, not hearing a thousand times about how good your product is. So if you’re planning to sell through the Clubhouse, do so wisely. Position yourself as a subject matter expert by providing tips, best practices, and use cases.

Subscribe to other rooms related to your industry

You can also successfully represent your brand outside your room. Sometimes it is a good option to visit other rooms related to your industry and raise your hand. But the recommendation here is the same: don’t bother the audience by selling your product or service. Talk about it and state your solution discreetly.

Listen carefully

The global business rule is “Be ethical and respect others”. Some entrepreneurs make the same mistake in the Clubhouse – interfering while an attendant is speaking in their room. Never do this. As that may spoil your image. You never know when there’s something extra valuable to hear from the speaker, so listen carefully.

Collaborate with industry leaders to reach customers

Two votes are much better than one. The great thing about this app is how easy it is to host a club or room jointly with other industry experts in your field, and by partnering with relevant brands and creators; You can tap into their audience and reach a community that is already engaged in your niche.


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