The importance of field marketing

Written by Azza Hawash

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The importance of field marketing

The benefits of field marketing for a business vary, if it is used alone, or when combined with other marketing activities. Below, we will present some important points that make you keen to include field marketing in your company’s business strategy.

Acquisition of new customers and maintenance of existing customers:

  • Ensures your presence with customers who are already interested and looking for products similar to yours, as it is practiced – in most cases – at conferences and inside exhibitions.
  • It generates trust in your customers and gives them a sense of your credibility. It is your turn to introduce your company to them and let them try your product.
  • Your brand awareness increases, and you gain new customers who want to do business with you.
  • Remind existing customers of your brand again, confirm that you are in the market and that your products are still available.

Reply to customer inquiries:

Field marketing is your way to provide immediate answers, and give them the opportunity to try your product; There is no doubt that you satisfy these needs.

Providing Marketing Efforts:

Marketers always aim to take those interested in a product on a journey inside the marketing funnel; This is to convert them into potential customers who are eligible to buy.

Then the sales team performs the task of persuasion and influence, which does not apply to field marketing.

When you use this form of marketing, you summarize all these efforts in one step; It reaches out to interested customers directly and begins persuading them in one fell swoop.


Strengthening the relationship with clients:

When the marketing representative answers all the questions, reviews the features and methods of use; It will increase people’s trust in the company.

Also, seeing your brand in the places they go, will give them the impression that it is famous, making them proud to belong to it, and continue to be loyal to it.


Ease of measuring the rate of return on investment “ROI”:

It is defined as the ratio between the cost and benefit accruing to the company as a result of an investment, as it is calculated by dividing this value by the amount spent.

By doing field marketing, you can easily access accurate numbers that you can use in calculating your return on investment.

For example, if you organize an event, you will have data on the number of attendees, the partnerships that took place, the media that covered it, the potential clients gained during the event, which will enable you to calculate the percentage of its return.


Precise targeting:

If field activities require choosing a specific location for an event, why not choose where your audience is located?

This is how the most accurate form of marketing becomes. When you advertise on TV or radio, you don’t know who will see your ad, but here you locate your audience, and then go and talk to them directly.


Testing new products:

If you are planning to launch a new product, there is nothing better than field campaigns; To see if it will appeal to your audience or not.

It will not only give you approximate figures on the expected sales volume, but will also inform you about the audience’s opinion of the product, price, and marketing message.


Advantages of field marketing:

Field marketing is characterized by several things, which put it in a distinct position from other means of marketing.

Immediate response:

Meeting consumers in person allows their questions to be answered, and their impressions recorded immediately.

This way you can identify what they need, formulate appropriate marketing messages for them, and unify all marketing and sales efforts to meet these needs.


Low cost:

Here you summarize all marketing activities in one step; Which means expense pressure.

But remember, not all types of field marketing are cheap, promoting your products on a busy street is not the same as the cost of hosting an event in a luxury hotel.


Enhance competitiveness:

If this marketing activity will strengthen your relationship with the audience, and increase the awareness of your brand, then of course it will position you as a strong competitor in the market.

Another thing field campaigns do that reinforce this is more sales; This increases the brand’s market share in front of competitors.


Selling speed:

Other marketing processes require going through several stages to reach the purchase, while the situation here is different.

This is because field marketing shortens them all in one step, and creates an immediate desire among consumers to buy, especially if it is combined with the distribution of free samples of low-priced goods.



It is a form of two-way communication, based on the exchange of information between the two parties directly; It differs from other means of marketing.

Some other types of marketing include one-way messages, such as in radio and television advertising.


There are many images of field marketing services, and there are some steps that it is best to take when starting an effective marketing campaign that you can read from this article.


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