What are field marketing services?

Written by Azza Hawash

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What are field marketing services?

It is a type of marketing service, and it is represented in all the activities and procedures that a marketing company can perform in order to communicate directly with its customers. This marketing is considered a type of direct marketing and is based on the processes of distributing, selling, and promoting products to potential customers in the field and markets. And he has many pictures.


Some ideas for field marketing services:

– Presence in the market directly, whether in supermarkets through sales teams.

– Providing promotional materials such as paper advertisements.

– Create a point of sale in certain places.

– Campaigns to publish and distribute promotional tools and materials.

– Communication and interaction with the target audience.

– Coordination with supermarkets to improve the process of displaying the product in the appropriate location, within a specific sector within the store, or even within an appropriate shelf.

– Conferences and inside fairs, where interested customers are already present, looking for products similar to yours.


Advantages of field marketing services:

Field marketing is distinguished from other marketing services by several advantages, including:

– Increase brand awareness.

– It involves face-to-face personal communication with the customer, unlike other marketing methods such as mail, telephone, or e-marketing.

– Provides an opportunity to collect marketing data, and to know the preferences and opinions of the public.

– It is characterized by great interaction and the ability to influence the audience and collect opinions and observations from them.

– Enables the company to display trial samples of the product, the way it is used, and the benefits it provides.

– Promote in stores, or on the street near the gatherings of potential customers.

– Respond to customer inquiries.


Steps to provide field marketing services:

First: linking the marketing and sales teams

Marketing efforts are often wasted, and the sales team loses sight of potential customers.

This gap is solved in field marketing, as they can open a dialogue with sellers, and introduce them to the available marketing materials, and how to use them.

This is because most field marketing representatives participate in developing campaign plans themselves; This makes them a link between the two teams.


Second: Organizing events

The tasks of field marketers are not limited to this part, but it remains the most important; Due to his role in the formation of the relationship between the client and the company.

When organizing an event, delegate your talented salespeople to invite people to attend, and provide value by invitation, such as having a well-known speaker, or announcing the results of an important study.

He also chose the venue of the event very carefully, and made sure that there were no other events taking place nearby, and organized it in a way that suits your name and the attendees.

Know well that your organization of events will enable you to easily reach the customers who are interested in what you offer, add these to your list of potential customers, and target them in the rest of the campaigns.


Third: meet customer needs

Meeting them face to face will introduce you to their needs and questions, helping you to craft marketing messages that meet these requirements later.

For example, if you are a real estate company, and you participate in a real estate exhibition, you can collect all the questions of customers you met there in a specific advertising material, which your sales team can use later; To make their job easier.


It is always the best option to combine the two types of field marketing and electronic, to ensure that you get the best results. Contact us to learn more about the field marketing service provided by Sponsorship.


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