How to distribute brochures effectively

Written by Azza Hawash

Brochures and how to distribute them effectively

Distributing your brochures requires a great deal of effort, as promoting your products or stores among customers requires a lot of planning. It takes several steps, starting with making it small and concise, and distributing it where your target audience is. Make an effort to always be polite and professional. Get creative with distributing your brochures, including mailing them to homes or displaying in friendly workplaces.

Design effective brochures

  • Choose your target audience. Remember who your audience is in order to design and distribute brochures effectively. A brochure for a child is different from that aimed at a seventy-five-year-old grandmother. Each group has different interests and meets in a variety of different places. Define your message and plan to attract the target audience.
  • Keep it small and simple. Smaller brochures cost less and are less likely to be thrown away. Give your audience the information they need without increasing it that they won’t be read. The larger its size, the more difficult it is for you to distribute it. Brochures that are difficult for you to deal with will also be difficult for the audience to read and carry. Stick to strong words in simple phrases.

Make brochures unique

  • Make your brochure eye-catching. Effective brochures usually have an eye-catching image or logo as well as a clear headline. Attractive color features catch the eye. You can use brightly colored paper as well as a thick, voluminous title. Slogans and buzzwords grab attention and make people remember them after reading them.
  • Collect brochures in your area and study what makes them attractive. Find design choices that catch your eye.
  • Within the contact information. You can include relevant details such as: a phone number, address, and business hours. Don’t forget to include expiration dates when advertising coupons or discounts. A small map can also be added to help visitors clearly know where you are in case your address is difficult or the audience might misread it.

Develop plans for distribution

  • Visualize where the brochures will be distributed. Where does your target audience live, work or shop? It is important for you to know this in order to know how to reach them. You should avoid handing out brochures for your new restaurant in the far nearby town where people are not likely to come to eat, for example!
  • Make sure you know who is interested in your product. For example, lifestyle messages such as those about healthy eating have a wider reach but still need to find a receptive audience. Mums and dads, for example, are more likely to be interested in this group than are older adults who have been eating certain types of food for years.
  • Distribution route plans. Decide where you will go before you go out. Think about where you will need to walk or drive, when you will need access to the location, and how many brochures you will need to bring in order to make your distribution plan effective. A good plan will save you time and money and will also get your message out more.

Use maps to plan shorter routes and locate your customers

  • Keep diaries of the venues and businesses receptive to your ads.
  • Distribute brochures at an appropriate time. When do you need to deliver the brochure to the customer’s hand? If you are announcing holiday discounts, brochures should be distributed several weeks in advance. People are more receptive to the message at specific times. Those entering or leaving an event are more likely to take a brochure than those rushing to work.
  • Keep in mind any events in the area. If there’s a concert that teens gather, you’ll be in luck with an advertisement for a sportswear store.
  • Repeat the brochures after a few weeks. Duplicate ads are easier to remember. Return to the distribution site after a month or two. Even if the same brochure reaches the same people, the results are likely to improve. Your message or work will be more popular among people as you build your connections.

Deliver brochures to customers

  • Always pay attention to local laws before you start advertising. It is usually forbidden for you to advertise on private property. Public sidewalks and universities are usually safe distribution areas. Make sure that you are allowed to visit workplaces, open mailboxes, or throw brochures in front of doors. When asked to leave a private place, leave without arguing.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. You have to look like you belong in the place through your clothes. People will be more receptive to your message when you seem approachable. Focus the audience’s attention on your message, not on you. For example, avoid wearing jeans in an average area, and avoid advertising your restaurant on the street wearing a suit and tie as well.
  • Sometimes you may find a creative approach useful, such as wearing a comic costume when advertising to children, but people outside your target group will be less receptive to the brochure.
  • Create a promotional phrase. Your promotional statement should be short but expressive.
    Be polite. People boat with a smile. And don’t get involved in any heated arguments. When someone is rude, leave the conversation. Good manners will make people more likely to accept your brochures.

Creative distribution of brochures

  • Mail brochures home. Brochures sent to homes are much more likely to be seen. You can hire a company to mail it. You may also be able to distribute them by placing them in mailboxes, but make sure it is legal in your area. Brochures left in front of doors are also easy for homeowners to notice. You may need a lot of brochures for this method to work unless you have a list of specific addresses.
  • Put brochures inside the orders. Whether you’re packing at your store or shipping an order, there’s no easier way to advertise. Put the brochures inside the packages. Since the receiver is already in contact with you, they will check the brochure. Product ads or discount coupons in your brochures are perfect here.

Renewed ideas to ensure your excellence

  • Within brochures in newspaper and magazine publications. Contact your publishing manager to discuss including your brochures among their pages. Choose a newspaper that represents your cause such as a music magazine to advertise your band or hall. Many areas have useful regional newspapers and magazines for publishing your brochure locally.
  • Show brochures inside other works. It will benefit you to have good relationships with local business owners. Ask them to display your brochure on their desk. Some places have public bulletin boards where you can hang brochures. Waiting rooms in medical offices are other opportunities to reach unoccupied people.
    Business related to your case is the best choice. For example, if you’re advertising a healthy grocery store, a gym would be a good place. You can display advertising to them in return.
  • Advertise at events. Local events such as trade conferences are great areas for getting brochures out to large groups of people. The best opportunity is during an event related to your cause such as an advertisement for a craft store at a crafts conference. You can put brochures inside small commodity bags or leave them on display.
    You may be able to properly take care of yourself. When you’re a sponsor, you get more leeway in advertising and distributing brochures.
  • Contact event organizers to discuss advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Find events anywhere in your area with libraries, community centers, clubs, and more.

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