How to design a website in 5 steps?

Written by Azza Hawash

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How to design a website in 5 steps?

Designing a website for your business has become an indispensable necessity today. The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind today when they want to buy a product or deal with a company is to search for it on search engines, or on social networking sites, to see if it is the best choice for him, and also to know Reviews of former clients.

Therefore, to start now is better than tomorrow to design a website that expresses you and distinguishes you from your competitors.


Step 1 – Market Study:

Knowing your competitors and the public’s opinion of their services is always an important option to know what you need to offer to differentiate them and to quickly reach your audience or it can be said to reach your audience to you. Define your goals, write down your strengths, and what distinguishes your service.


Step 2 – Design a Business Identity That Suits You:

All elements of the business identity are important because they are the way in which your audience will see you, but in order to be able to design a distinctive website, you must now pay attention to the visual identity. Select two or three colors to use on your site, starting from your logo to the images or videos that you will use later, even the colors that you will use for the background of the website and fonts In which you will write your content, you can use many tools that make it easier for you to choose and implement some distinctive designs.

Make sure that all choices fit with your previous market study to avoid any choices that are not suitable for your audience or were previously used by one of your competitors.


Step 3 – Determine the sitemap:

How many services do you provide, or how many pages do you want to add to your site. How would you like this page to take your customer to the purchase page or to see previous work, there are many possible options and all of them can be done easily. It may be useful to see some samples of other sites, choose the one you see fit most.


Step 4 – Find the Best Website Design Company:

You can now search on search engines for the best website design company. There are many choices. See previous works, and follow the opinions of their previous customers, not the price scale. Make it the last point of preference.

A good company can help you with many decisions, make sure that the support service is available after receiving the site.


Step 5 – Testing and Optimization:

After you receive your site, test it well, check all the pages, make sure that all the points you specified in the third step are available, ask one of your friends to try the site, and express his opinion.

Execute your desired improvements before publishing and test again.

Now you can publish your site and always follow its performance and make sure your site is optimized for search engines, take advantage of social media platforms, you can also initially use paid ads.


Digital marketing has also become an indispensable necessity today. There are many types of e-marketing. Choose the most suitable for you and your audience.

Whatever the results, what distinguishes the online presence is the possibility of continuous improvement, you can always update your site and improve your results to the maximum possible benefit. Make sure to keep up to date with the latest social media platforms your audience is using.


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