7 types of digital marketing services

Written by Azza Hawash

7 types of digital marketing services

Digital marketing services are the perfect choice to enable your company, whatever its size. Providing digital marketing services enables both small and large companies to reach their customers from all over the world, after reaching these customers using traditional marketing was very difficult.

Digital marketing has countless advantages, so in this article, we will mention the most important 7 indispensable digital marketing services for your project or brand, and the essential role they play in increasing sales and increasing awareness of your brand.

1. Paid Advertising:

Paid advertisements are advertisements that are based on purchasing traffic on the Internet. There are several types of them, including search engine marketing, in which the advertiser pays search engines to show his products or website in the first results of search engines with specific words used by his customers.

Paid advertising is also known as pay-per-click, where the advertiser pays for the clicks on their site links. There are also several other types of paid advertising done on the social media platforms themselves known as PV or pay for impressions or views.

Paid advertising, especially through search engines, is the oldest advertising strategy in the field of digital marketing. Despite its age, it is one of the most effective digital marketing services to grow your business. Its effectiveness is that it allows you, as a business owner, to place your ad in front of the eyes of enthusiastic customers who are ready to buy already at the right moment.

2. Facebook Marketing Services:

Social media has spread in the present era, it is not hidden from anyone, coinciding with this spread, companies and business owners use social media to market their products and reach the target customer segments. Just as Google sits at the top of the pyramid of advertising through search engines, Facebook sits on the throne of marketing through social media platforms.

We can divide Facebook marketing into two parts: The first is paid advertising represented by PPC and PPV, which we mentioned earlier. The second is free marketing that is done without paying Facebook to implement it, but you may need to pay to those who manage the work on your accounts and pages on Facebook, so it is not free in the literal sense of the word.

Marketing on Facebook is not limited to increasing sales as a single goal, but you can achieve more goals through it, such as building relationships with your customers and ensuring customer opinions about your products or services, and you can increase awareness of your brand and other goals that you can achieve in the long run through Facebook Marketing.

3. YouTube Marketing Services:

YouTube is not just an ordinary video site, it is the second most visited site in the world after Google, and the number one search engine in the world for video searches. YouTube has more than two billion monthly active users, and no matter your potential, your activity, or your brand, it is a mistake not to have a strong presence on YouTube.

As the opportunity is very big to use YouTube to market your products and enhance the presence of your brand and even increase sales at a very low cost compared to other marketing methods, and the results are much greater for the ability of videos to be persuasive better than other content images. Discover new products and brands on YouTube.

4. Instagram Marketing Services:

Instagram is the second most effective and active social media platform after Facebook, with more than one billion monthly active users, more than 71% of them are young people with an average age of fewer than 35 years. So if your business is targeting this age group, and you don’t pay enough attention to Instagram marketing, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

5. Marketing Services through Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The term search engine optimization, or what is known as SEO for short, refers to the processes that lead to access to visitors from search engines for free. It is a very powerful source of visitors and sales in a freeway, and the search engine Google plays the role of godfather in the volume of traffic from search engine optimization.

Statistics show that 70% of consumers do research on products before making purchases. Your interest in optimizing search engines makes you appear in the first results, and then you have a great ability to reach the segment of your target customers who are actually looking for you, ensuring that you enhance your business and achieve strong sales in a way that is almost free and lasts for a longer period and is more effective than other marketing methods.

6. Snapchat Marketing Services:

The use of Snapchat has increased significantly in recent times, as the number of its daily active users exceeds 210 million users, the majority of whom are teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 25 years. Thus, Snapchat is the number one destination for teenagers, ahead of Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, ranking first in the world in the number of teenage users.

According to a 2018 statistic by GlobalWebIndex, 4 out of 10 Snapchat users discover brands thanks to the support of influencers and celebrities. Where the basis of marketing in Snapchat is based on influencers and partnerships with them to display products in a natural way, and they use them, or recommend them without the need for direct marketing.

7. Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a business, and half of the marketers use content to reach their customers. Content marketing extends to include different types of content from text content represented in posts, posts, or tweets, as well as visual content represented in videos, video content, and audio content.

There are also other types that differ according to the location of your customer and the type of your business, but we have mentioned the most important types of digital marketing services, and to choose one of the types of digital marketing services appropriate for your company, the role of developing a strategic plan that suits your customers and your goals comes


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