Types of website hosting companies

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Types of website hosting companies

Multiple website design steps, the most important of which is choosing a web hosting company. Because it has an important impact on the speed of the site. And its association with many services, which is one of the most important factors for the success of any website.

This article will help you in how to design your website in 5 steps.

What does web hosting mean?

A website is a set of programs and files stored on a computer that is connected to the Internet. It is important that these websites are easy to use, and are easy to search for and search for the services they provide. One of the most important factors is that it works very quickly and with high efficiency.

Website hosting is a service for organizing and storing the basic information, data and files that are published on the website. For users to benefit from on the Internet, web hosting must be characterized by several characteristics (the presence of large storage space, attention to the rate of data that the site needs, the presence of a large number of databases, the presence of more than one e-mail, and other characteristics that web hosting needs ).


Best website hosting companies

Dream Host:

Of the American hosting companies that were established in 1996 AD; It is one of the best hosting companies because it works with its own control panel, which is easy to use, provides super fast SSD disks for all its volumes, and provides a free SSL certificate; However, its customer service is not available around the clock.

(Dreamhost) comes at the forefront of the best hosting companies because their prices are reasonable to some extent, in addition to that they allow money back for 97 days.

A2 Hosting:

A2Hosting is characterized by its many hosting plans and its many advantages. In addition to the outstanding performance of the hosting, and the powerful hosting plans. However, A2 Hosting’s unlimited plans are really limited! When a user reaches a certain usage limit, the hosting is then slow.

It also features technical support via live chat, phone, and email. This makes it one of the best hosting companies that cater to their customers even though it is a relatively young company.


It is one of the global hosting companies, which was established in 2004. It has expanded to provide its services in 178 countries around the world. And the number of its customers reached 29 million customers. The company prides itself on registering a new customer every five seconds.

Hostinger is characterized by its low cost, speed, and periodic backup. In addition to security and protection, it provides a lifetime SSL certificate. It also has many data centers located in America, Britain, Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Indonesia; It is the most suitable option for owners of small sites.

Blue Host:

One of the well-known American companies in this field, famous for its shared hosting service. Bluehost hosting is characterized by its reliance on the latest technologies that make hosting more fast and responsive.

It is the preferred option for those who are thinking of hosting their site, as it is the cheapest cost compared to other hosting companies. It also does not host external or inappropriate content; In addition to providing free technical support service, but only in English.


HostGator is one of the most famous and best hosting companies in the world, and it is known for the trust of its customers. This is because it has integrated services; It provides shared hosting, virtual servers, and cloud hosting. It also guarantees the work of the hosted sites by 99.9%, meaning that the site does not stop; In addition, their prices are reasonable for the features they offer; They also provide cPanel and Plesk for free; It also provides free technical support, but it may be slow to respond at times.


One of the most important features of iPage that makes it one of the best hosting companies is that the price of shared hosting is cheap, and it is also characterized by the ability to host an unlimited number of sites on the same account; In addition, it provides technical support in several different ways, such as live chat, phone, and through technical support tickets; iPage hosting allows money back within 30 days.

It is worth noting that HostGator, BlueHost, and iPage are affiliated with the Endurance International Group (EIG), one of the largest hosting companies in the world, and includes a group of other well-known companies in the field of hosting.


A well-known hosting company that offers free tech support via phone, email, tickets, and live chat; They also provide the domain, backup service, and SSL certificate for free; It offers easy installation, where you can install more than 310 scripts in a very short time; It also allows a refund within 90 days; But their prices are relatively high compared to the hosting performance, which needs a bit of development.


Established in 2004; Hosting prices start at $3.95 per month; It has several advantages, as it provides daily backup service for free, in addition to CDN services, Cloudflare, and an SSL certificate; The company works to protect the sites of its customers, as it provides a specialized team to put a firewall on the site to fill the security holes that may be discovered; It also uses a system based on artificial intelligence to monitor all servers continuously; It also allows the possibility to host the site where you want it, as it owns more than a thousand servers in 4 data centers on three different continents.


(GreenJacks) offers hosting services at reasonable prices, and supports more than one domain; It is distinguished by the availability of hosting all types of its content management systems; The control panel for hosting (GreenGeeks) also supports the Arabic language; It offers clients a two-week trial period for hosting; provides technical support around the clock; It is the right choice for owners of small and medium websites; However, the hosting price increases to $9.95 upon renewal.


It is one of the oldest hosting companies in the Arab world, where it was established in 1998 AD, and it provides its services so far to more than 35,000 customers.

It includes services: shared hosting, Windows hosting, Linux hosting, Saudi hosting, private servers, VPs servers, and cloud servers, In addition to website design and programming services, and its possession of the first Arabic content management program that provides the user with creating their site in 3 steps; Dimofinf provides the best hosting service stability, on the best servers in the Arab world; It is an agent for one of the largest data centers in the world (Lease Web), and it has a customer service team working around the clock, in addition to the most powerful hosting engineers in the Arab world, to monitor the server in real time to be able to solve any problem that may be discovered in the server immediately, with a support team technician to solve any problem on the site; The company also provides a range of free services, such as:

  • An SSL certificate for encrypting the data transmitted between the site and visitors, and protecting the data.
  • Denial of Service (DDOS) protection to avoid site downtime.
  • Cloudflare service to increase the speed of browsing the site.

In addition to the possibility of money back within 30 days, which is the longest period allowed by an Arab hosting company.


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