The most important field marketing skills

Written by Azza Hawash

Field Marketing Skills

The most important field marketing skills

Field marketing skills are diverse, and familiarity with them is the most important step for developing a successful marketing plan. Marketing is the art of persuading the customer about the product or service and clarifying the extent to which he needs it. In order for this process to take place, many skills must be available in order for your product to have a distinctive name. The most important of these skills are:

  1. Cognitive curiosity skill
  2. Persuasion skill
  3. Thinking outside the box
  4. Social intelligence skill
  5. Technology development skill
  6. Time management

First: the skill of cognitive curiosity

Constant questioning of the causes, and the search behind the results. It is the primary driver for increasing and improving results.

Continuous research on competitors’ experiences, customer needs, and what attracts them. It is the key to the success of any marketing campaign.

Curiosity is one of the most important marketing skills. Since if you do not know about the product that you want to market, the product field, and how to connect it to the consumer, you will lose before you start.


Second: the skill of persuasion

Because marketing is based on convincing the customer of the product or service to be marketed. The skill of persuasion has become one of the most important skills that must be taken care of and developed.

In order to convince the customer, you must first analyze him and know his personality style. To know the best way to talk to him. A simple study in physiognomy and body language will help you in this.

Be confident in your product and that you are providing the absolute best. But don’t pretend to be a false ideal. If there is a defect in the product, admit the error and make sure to repair it immediately.

Your emotional stability is one of the most important reasons for your customer’s trust in you, and the extent of your knowledge about the product is reflected in the customer’s conviction in it.

Be flexible with the client and be a good negotiator. Make the customer feel that they are the biggest winner of the deal. And continue to follow him even after the purchase to make him feel important and unique and earn his loyalty to you.


Third: The skill of thinking outside the box

The potential of the human mind is great and research continues to discover new things about it every day. The thinking process is a process, despite its complexity within the mind, but it happens automatically for everyone.

But what does not happen automatically and requires training and practice is thinking outside the box and departing from the traditional and the usual.

And because marketing is a creative process that depends on the new, one of the most important marketing skills is to think outside the box and devise new marketing methods for your product to attract the largest number of customers.

Whatever product you want to market, you have to learn brainstorming, its steps, and use it to get new and different ideas.


Fourth: The skill of social intelligence

Marketing relies heavily on relationships, which makes it easy for the marketer. Instead of convincing the customer about you and your product, you will have to convince them of your product just because they already know you.

Be social and surrounded by a lot, but don’t deepen your relationships to the point of making you feel stressed and upset. Just enough to carry respect with it.


Fifth: The skill of technological development

Technology is constantly evolving every day.

Marketing has moved from interest in radio and television advertisements to interest in digital marketing and advertisements on social networking sites.

You can learn more about the importance and some types of e-marketing here.

As modern applications appear every day, and make life easier for their users, especially if you work in the field of e-marketing, you will find tools and applications that help you manage, analyze and find out errors in websites.

Always be keen to keep track of technological development and be able to manage various social networking sites.


Sixth: Time management skill

Organizing time and setting a list of priorities is one of the characteristics of successful marketing and one of the most important marketing skills.

If you do not take care of your time and that of your client, this will expose you to losing a client who does not have the luxury of wasted time.

Make the client feel that you care about their time and that you enrich this time with useful and new information.


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