Steps to design a professional online store

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Steps to design a professional online store

With the widespread achieved by the Internet and communication networks. It has become easy to access any product through electronic stores. So we recommend it as a profitable project, and we will present a professional online store programming plan. So that you can know the details of the online store and the terms of its implementation, and clarify the important points that must be adhered to in order for it to be The store is profitable.

Professional e-commerce application programming

The application of the online store needs to be programmed by a professional programmer in order for your site to remain at the forefront of search engines, and the store must be developed periodically to attract customers, and these are some of the ways in which you can attract customers:

Interact with visitors via the comments form:

The visitor’s reading of your topic will leave an impression on him and he wants to express it at that moment, with your words, and we mean that you enable the comments feature, whether Google comments or social network comments, whatever they are, but do not leave the comments that visitors put unanswered, but try as much as possible to respond to these comments, because they are the only element that allows you to communicate with your visitors.

Availability of the subscription feature via e-mail on your site to reach the visitor with all that is new

It is one of the most important features that must be provided in the design and programming of a successful online store. The e-mail subscription box is a link between your target visitors and your site because this feature makes advance notices by sending you to your visitors and followers via e-mail messages that talk about the new site and what we have added in The site, and this feature is benefited by thousands, or even millions, in selling products because it is one of the most important features that help to profit from the Internet.

Adding a search tool within the site to make it easier for the visitor to reach what he wants

The site search tool is one of the most important elements that should not be dispensed with in any site whatsoever because it saves the visitor the trouble of searching in the outskirts of the site without benefit, as it helps him as soon as he searches for you he wants to find what he wants. If he does not find it, he will search on another site because not all sites are complete, as the largest sites overlook the simplest of what the visitor wants.

Use high-quality images in small sizes

Previous studies have proven that images are the most important element in any website because they will show the visitor the content of the topic in their own way because they express the content and not just any image, but to be an image of reasonable quality and related to the topic and to have a small or medium size because this helps in the speed of opening the site.

Put a video explanation if possible

Nowadays, video has become one of the most important ways of communicating information.

Online store design

The most important step in the implementation plan of an e-store project is the design of the store, as there are many programming languages ​​used to design it, and each language has its different uses.

Specifications that must be available in the online store:

  • Attractive modern design suitable for e-commerce operations and the sale of products on the Internet.
  • Design a home page that contains animated sliders for the best offers and featured products.
  • Internal pages module, you can add/edit/delete any of these pages.
  • Contact us page – contains a contact form, when filled in, the data will be sent to an email address of your choice.
  • Integrated shopping cart.
  • Module the store sections, module the products and control them completely.
  • The search module in the store, to search for products in an easy and smooth way.
  • The possibility of adding the online payment module via Visa / MasterCard.
  • Full control over buying and selling through the store’s control panel.
  • The design is compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, computers, and laptops.
  • A control panel for the entire content of the site.
  • The site is one language Arabic or English.
  • The OpenCart system is used to manage the entire store.
  • Reserve the domain name .com, .net, .org
  • A suitable server hosting plan to ensure speed and efficiency
  • SSL Certificate to secure the site


In order to be able to create a successful online store and make sure that it is stable and does not collapse in front of the competition, you must satisfy the customers greatly and identify ways to attract them so that they feel that your store has the solution for everything they want. In addition, you need to study the feasibility of an online store:

First: Find the right team to work in the store

One of the most important points that lead to the success of your project is the presence of a work team, each of the professionals in their field, such as:

The store manager and his team:

Their role is to send and ship the product to the customer and tell the store manager the status of the order, and the store manager, in turn, sends a message to the customer.

Professional photographer:

He is the special assistant to the store manager and visualizes the product in a professional manner and sends it to the store manager, who in turn adds the product to the store and collects the necessary information about each product.


The role of the accountant here is to calculate the cost of the product, and the net profit margin to be achieved until the product is delivered to the customer.

E-commerce manager:

It is the most important person in the whole project. He must be familiar with the basics of managing electronic stores, and even a professional, not a novice. He can add products in the store in a professional manner, deal with incoming requests, modify and add prices and offers to the store, modify the prices of old products and develop an online store, so when you think about Designing an e-store to hire an e-store management expert.

Second: Determine the shipping method for the customer

It is a relative issue that varies according to the circumstances of each project. For example, if you want to open the name of an online clothing store, you can provide a shipping method, which is a car for the store, collect all orders in one payment per day, and send them to customers for free, which is better in terms of marketing or contracting with A shipping company determines in advance the price of shipping the piece of clothing.

Third: Payment method

It is the method that the customer will pay for the product that he will purchase from your online store. It is related to the ideas of many profitable sites. And one of the most popular payment methods (payment upon receipt – direct bank transfer – payment by Visa or MasterCard).

Fourth: The cost and price of designing an online store

Costs and budget are important elements of the success of any profitable online store project. So you must determine the costs necessary for the project. Starting from the design of the online store and marketing to other expenses such as: shipping, distribution, warehousing, and purchasing goods.


Factors to consider before designing a professional online store

In order to make your online store unique, there are many factors that must be taken care of, namely:

  • Store logo.
  • Business identity.
  • Domain or domain name.
  • Designing images and banners.
  • Optimizing the store for search engines.
  • E-Marketing.

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