Conditions for opening a digital store in Saudi Arabia

Written by Azza Hawash

متجر الكتروني

Conditions for opening a digital store in Saudi Arabia

All numbers and statistics indicate the growth of e-commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is increasing every day, which is why owning a digital store has become the logical step that must be taken immediately if you want to increase your profits, and confirm your presence in the market.

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And in order to be able to do this legally without any violations, you must make sure that some conditions are met, and that you make sure to follow the laws regulating electronic commerce in Saudi Arabia.


The law regulating the work of any digital store in Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has been keen to set the conditions and regulations that guarantee the consumer and the merchant his rights in this field. It also facilitated the binding procedures to complete this, by providing many services electronically, which saves time, effort, and money for the merchant.

To know the details of the e-commerce system approved by the Saudi Ministry of Labor, read this link

Here are the main points of the e-commerce law:

In order to be able to sell your product, the marketing advertisement for the product must contain the name of the user or his brand and the name of the product in a clear manner.
Legal punishment for anyone who places false advertisements that do not reflect the product and anyone who seeks to deceive or mislead the consumer, the advertisement is blocked and legally prosecuted.
That the trademark on the product or product actually belongs to you and not a misleading mark, such as using a famous trademark and placing it on your product, doing this exposes you to blocking the advertisement and possibly closing the store in Saudi Arabia.
A fine for anyone who places ads for misleading products.


Obtaining a digital store license (commercial registry):

The first condition for opening a digital store in Saudi Arabia is the issuance of commercial registration. You can do this through several steps or procedures approved by the Saudi government to regulate the work of digital stores, protect consumer rights, and facilitate those wishing to engage in electronic commerce.

  • Go to the website of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment to issue the electronic commercial registration from here.
  • Register on the site.
  • Go to the service and choose your trade name.
  • Register the commercial data to be registered.
  • Confirm the data.
  • Through the SADAD system, pay the commercial registration fees and the membership of the Chamber of Commerce in a unified invoice.

After completing these steps, you can issue your commercial registration with your membership number in the Chamber of Commerce. You will not be able to open the store without them, and it will only take minutes while you are at home.

Register with Maroof

One of the necessary steps after obtaining the commercial register is to register with Maroof platform. This allows you to register your store in the database of the Ministry of Commerce. With the aim of enhancing trust between the seller and the buyer and increasing the chances of your store’s success.

Maroof platform is completely free and allows you to instantly register in the database.

How to register on Maroof platform

  • Enter the service link.
  • Click on the “Create Account” icon, and then fill in the required fields.
  • After logging in, click on the “My Business” icon and then the “Add work” option.
  • Fill in the required fields and then click on the “Add work” icon.


Advantages of registering in Maroof

  • Increase the reliability of your business and e-commerce, becauseMaroof site is considered a reliable marketing platform by buyers.
  • As a merchant, you will get an icon to verify your accounts on your electronic platforms.
  • Obtaining the commercial register, in addition to registering on Maroof platform, allows you to obtain the golden certificate. Allowing you to add it to your website or your store. And also on the social networking sites of your store. Which adds confidence to your store in front of your customers.

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