Mistakes to avoid when designing a website

Written by Azza Hawash

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Mistakes to avoid when designing a website

Designing a website is the first step to starting any new project, whether it is online or in practice.

It is worth noting that the main goal behind web design is to expand and spread in order to maintain and continue a steady success rate for your company.

Therefore, you must be careful to create a distinctive site that reflects your vision, services, and products in an impressively professional manner.


Mistakes to avoid when designing a website

Difficulty browsing the site

Statistics indicate that if the Internet user finds it difficult to search for what he wants, or encounters other difficulties while browsing. They will likely leave the site immediately, and will not consider visiting again. Simplicity is the key to the success of any website, no matter what its main goal is.

Do not make finding information difficult for site users. Always put a “search box” to make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for, and always take into account the visitor’s experience on your site. Putting yourself in their shoes, think of yourself as a customer looking for a specific product or service and how you wish you could find it.

Make your home page contain links to the most frequently asked questions from customers. Then put secondary services or any submenus with detailed explanations, such as blogs, in a side section. Divide and arrange your site into clear parts and categories, this will make it easy to find any desired information.

A visitor to your site wants to find what he is looking for easily and without exaggerating effort, whether your site provides useful content to visitors, sells a product or service, or provides a service such as social networking sites, the visitor wants to have an easy and enjoyable experience of use. and smooth.

You should rely on linking the pages together and citing a quote from the other page as needed. And that instead of filling one page with more and more data. Then make sure that the (main) icon is visible to the user without any confusion with another icon.

Make sure that the site logo contains a link to the home page; Because it has become common for the visitor to reach the main page by clicking on the logo, in addition to the ability to click on the icon in the Navbar. The search box must be marked with the lens icon, and you must make sure that the search shows the results in a sufficient number and in a good shape.


Exaggeration and review when designing a website

Although it is legitimate to need a distinctive and unique appearance for your site, exaggeration can be counterproductive. A crowded design with different colors and many elements often harms the site. Because it makes browsing tedious and confusing, or even annoying. A visitor who is confused while browsing will leave the site as soon as possible. Always think simply and clearly in the design of your site, and also work on choosing colors and types of fonts that suit the type of your business. Stick to using only three colors throughout your site, sticking to a simple color palette will serve your design better.


Not caring about Responsiveness:

It is the compatibility of your site with all kinds of smartphones or different operating systems. Recent studies indicate that more than 40% of searches are done through smartphones and tablets. Accordingly, neglecting the (responsiveness) or compatibility feature with all devices causes your site the most harm imaginable. Make sure that your site is suitable for browsing across all devices, and then visitors will come to you from everywhere.


Posting information:

These days most people do not have much time to scan your entire site, or to read all of its content, especially if the contents are complex or long. Choose your words carefully, and keep in mind that it’s all about the quality of the content, not its length. Choose vocabulary that is as simple as possible, that is few and communicates the message in a clear way. In addition to this, you can put internal links to pages containing more detailed information, in case some visitors want to know more.


A little bit of SEO

Your website may look perfect, and the content is great and relevant. The designs are good and appropriate. However, other than SEO, your site links may not appear in the search results of search engines.

Whereas, SEO is an ongoing process. It is important after creating a website that you have metadata that uses your keywords. Based on how your audience searches for you or your product or services.

It is known that the quality of the content is the most important element in the success, development, and growth of your site. It is essential to increase interaction with your site.


Learn about steps to help you design a distinctive website for your company from this article.


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