Why is interactive digital content one of the best types of content?

Written by Azza Hawash

Why is interactive digital content one of the best types of content?


Interactive digital content is content that is created with the aim of capturing the customer’s attention and encouraging them to take action. These actions can be as simple as clicking on a link and learning more about a topic or as advanced as answering a series of questions in a survey.

Interactive digital content gives website owners or marketers a way to engage their audience with high-quality experiences and thus provides useful information about customer behavior and interests and helps design a distinctive identity. Through test or rating answers and content sharing on their social media platforms, marketers can assess a customer’s preferences and determine what users find interesting.

Digital content marketing is also an effective way to drive traffic to your website, encourage conversions and educate users about your brand, product, or service. But with so much content being created every day, marketers need new and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd.

Interactive digital content includes any content that a user can click, answer, or play with. These pieces of content require more effort (and sometimes money) to create, but users generally spend more time and get more value from them. It will get your audience interacting with them, and it can even be used to get to know your audience better.


To help you think, we’ll list seven types of interactive content that you can use:


1- Quizzes / Polls

Quizzes and polls are an inexpensive way to create interactive content, think about it (how many times have you stopped to find out what kind of pizza you like?)

In addition to being fun, quizzes help your audience determine their niche, which can become an opportunity for you to present your product or service. They can help you dive into your audience’s mind and create multiple content (once when you publish and once when you publish results).

Another benefit of polls and quizzes is that they can show your audience that the conversation is going both ways and that you care about their opinions. Another fun way to interact with fans is to ask them to post photos.

Twitter, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and Instagram Stories all have built-in polls for you to use. Each enables you to add multiple answer options (Facebook polls allow you to add images and GIFs as options), and you can control how long the survey takes.


2- Contests:

Old classic quizzes are great examples of interactive content and can be a powerful way to generate more engagement. While you can no longer ask people to comment, like, or share a post for a chance to win on Facebook, running a contest on Instagram can be as easy as asking to follow and tag a friend, or asking your audience to answer a question in the comments.

Make sure your award is linked to your brand, and remember that simplicity is the best option.


3- Multiple Choice themes:

Multiple choice posts can be fun, especially on platforms that allow multiple images to be posted, each image can be a different option for your audience to choose from, you can use this method to let them help you choose your next flavor or product that you might be looking to introduce. You will attract them, get their opinions and generate more sales because you will basically provide them with what they choose.


4- Interactive Infographics, Whitepapers, and eBooks:

These can be a little more expensive to create, but they can be really fun pieces for your audience to interact with, Interactive infographics and other pieces of content can include links to other landing pages, contests, additional content, and more, and can be a great tool for educating your audience About your specific industry or product, you can add a lot of information in an infographic or e-book with calls to action.


5- Workbooks and Assessments:

Starting from the previous point, workbooks are a great way to deliver value to your audience.

You can add interactive elements within your workbook, include an evaluation process, or create a standalone evaluation based on your product or service. Using the end result of the evaluation, you will then be able to offer a solution to the person (your product or service).


6- Calculators:

Show your audience how much money they can save by using your product with the calculator.

Any quantifiable information can be used for a calculator and can help your audience use numbers to relate to a larger message (aka why they use your product or visit your website).


7- Interactive Videos:

Interactive videos are another great way to combine interactive digital content, with a video that shows the most reach and engagement of any type of content.

Interactive videos can include CTR for landing pages, quizzes, or play certain sections based on viewer choices. There are some great tools to help you create these types of videos, but YouTube allows simple video interaction cards that can lead viewers to subscribe to your channel or watch a related video or playlist.


These are just some of the ways you can use interactive digital content.


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