When should you change your logo design?

Written by Azza Hawash

When should you change your logo design?

Changing your logo design is very risky and you should be very careful as it can have a negative impact on your business. Designing a professional logo is the most important and one of the main aspects of your brand. It is often the first thing customers and consumers relate to when a specific product or service is mentioned. Sometimes the design of the logo would affect the minds of consumers, as we mentioned before, the effect of colors only on the psyche of the customer, despite being one of the elements of the logo. Also, the logo can always make your brand their preferred choice.

However, due to today’s fast-paced market environment, there are many circumstances that require a change in your logo design. And if your new logo is done professionally, it can help you open up new horizons for your business.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider updating or changing your logo design

An old existing logo prompts you to consider changing your logo design

Make sure that your logo is seen as a contemporary logo. Logos are important business associations that most consumers look up to. Some of the famous brands designed for decades have made some changes to their logos in order to become sophisticated logos in line with the needs of the market. This gives an impression of how aware the company is of current business trends and consumer needs.

These logos don’t necessarily have to be dramatically different from the previous logos. But the new logos give the company a contemporary perspective.

Change your logo design if your current logo is complex

Brand managers of large multinational companies often resort to changing the branding of the product, its packaging, and its logo. Because they see the complexities of the logo, which shows consumers confusion and lack of connection with your brand because they do not understand it.

This is where the first key performance indicator for large companies “KPI” is how easy it is for the consumer to retrieve their brand by simply hearing its name, seeing part of the marketing material, or sometimes even just thinking about the product category.

In the end, we conclude that if the logo is complicated. It must be changed in order to fulfill the purpose for which it was designed.

The merger between two companies

Although some trademark experts often believe that the design of famous logos and trademarks should not be changed even in cases of a merger between two companies or the acquisition of one of the other. Where the views differ somewhat. Where the merger of companies often aims to provide new products, services, and facilities that were not provided by the company before. Accordingly, an entirely new set of consumers, sellers, and new investors are being targeted. Here, we recommend designing a better logo that reflects the portfolio of new products and services and keeps pace with the development of the new market.

In the event of acquiring a company whose activity is completely different from that of your company. It is recommended that each of them have its own logo and identity.

Visual appeal to your ever-evolving target audience

In the era of instant gratification, consumers are always looking to try new products. Recently, social media has become the easiest and closest way to obtain these products. Through which the consumer can order the product, and interact with it. And even the product arrives at home in most cases.

As a result, it is very important that we deal with our customers professionally and regularly so that the brand is constantly entrenched in the mind of the consumer through continuous innovation in advertising materials, marketing campaigns, and the professional design of your company logo.

Even if you make minor changes to your product packaging design and logo, consumers will perceive you as brand new. By looking at you as someone who is constantly reinventing themselves. So modifying the logo is a great way to take advantage of new opportunities in the market.

Have you made up your mind or are you still confused? We can help you make the right decision, design your new logo, and implement all your prints with the new logo with unrivaled professionalism and the best competitive price with advertising Sponsorship.


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