What are the tasks of the field marketing team?

Written by Azza Hawash

What are the tasks of the field marketing team?

the field marketing teamThere are many tasks carried out by the field marketing team to advance companies and institutions. They work with other departments related to their work, such as the digital marketing department and sales teams. Especially if their companies develop comprehensive marketing strategies that combine traditional and electronic marketing in order to achieve their strategic goals.

Field marketing teams develop marketing and promotional plans that help the company increase sales and achieve growth goals. This requires interaction with the sales and digital marketing teams and dealing with senior management to follow up on the changes that occur in the strategic plan that the company seeks to implement.

Field marketers are responsible for promoting brands and maintaining a positive image in their conversations with consumers and potential customers. Especially since they speak on behalf of companies as their representatives in the market arena.

It is one of the basic tasks of field marketers. Participate in setting marketing goals and collecting the necessary data to develop the plan. In addition to implementing them and setting performance indicators to measure the extent to which goals are achieved, as well as preparing periodic reports on the marketing activities they implement.

Therefore, the field marketing team spends most of its time planning field marketing campaigns, determining marketing activities, and attending field events such as events and trade shows. Their primary goal is to create a close relationship between consumers and product or brand owners.

Members of your company’s field marketing team

Given the importance of field marketing in promoting goods and services, you should establish a team specialized in field marketing that is aware of your company’s goals and has the ability to improve sales. You should start by searching for field marketers with high experience in the field.

Field Marketing Manager

Field marketing managers are leaders of field marketing teams who undertake multiple leadership tasks such as developing plans for field marketing campaigns, setting their goals, and ways to measure their results. They are responsible for defining the tasks of each team member, allocating roles to them, appointing field marketers, and training and mentoring them on the job.

Field marketing managers seek to ensure that marketing objectives are achieved. Ensuring the workflow, following up on the performance of the field marketing team, and interacting with them. To work on developing field marketing campaigns and finding unique ways to promote the brand’s products.

Direct sales representative

Maybe you decide to open your own small store and start selling yourself by selling directly to customers. This is what a direct sales representative in major companies does, in addition to some other tasks. You can work as a direct sales representative, part-time or permanently, as you wish.

One of the most important tasks performed by a direct sales representative is selling the company’s products, increasing brand awareness, delving into competitors’ products, and helping to implement marketing and sales plans. In addition to identifying opportunities to increase sales and threats that he may face during the implementation of strategic plans.

Brand ambassadors

It seems like you’ve heard of brand ambassadors before, but do you know who exactly they are? They are influential people in society and are often famous. They are hired by major companies and speak positively about the company’s products. That companies pay them money to promote the brand or their products.

The goal is to appoint brand ambassadors. Increase brand awareness and motivate followers of the brand ambassadors to purchase products, thus increasing the number of new customers. Brand ambassadors include sports and art celebrities, influencers on social media platforms, and students at universities.

Field marketing representative

The field marketing representative plays a major role within the team, as he represents the brand in front of current and potential customers in the market squares, where he conducts meetings with the target audience and answers their various questions and inquiries about the product.

The field marketing representative’s duties are similar to the direct sales representative, as he is also responsible for selling products or offering services and being present at events and conferences in order to interact with potential customers face to face, and always seeks to increase brand awareness and form good relationships with various customers.

Street team representatives

The role of the street team representative is highlighted in guerrilla shopping campaigns and in events associated with the brand’s products. He represents the field marketing teams working on the streets and is nominated to speak on behalf of the team. Street team representatives is responsible for promoting the brand verbally or by distributing flyers and posters to potential customers. He must have great marketing skills that help him persuade customers to attend events, purchase goods, or benefit from the company’s services.

The difference between field marketing and electronic marketing

Field marketing is marketing in which products are displayed in front of customers. It is carried out by highly trained marketers who contribute to the brand building, customer relationship management, and lead generation efforts of the company, as we explained earlier.

Digital or electronic marketing is marketing in which we sell products and services remotely via the Internet. During it, we use various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or email marketing, SEO, and SEM. It aims to increase sales, attract new customers, and increase brand awareness.

The importance and advantages of digital marketing lie in increasing the number of Internet users annually. In fact, Internet use has increased permanently among adults by 5% in just the past three years. 31% of adults in the United States are connected to the Internet – almost constantly – up from 21% in 2015, according to statistics from the Pew Research Center.

Digital marketing strategies require more information to do well. You must make sure you have the information you need before setting off. It is one of the most important pieces of information that you must have in your possession before starting. Determine the product you will market and study. Determine your target audience, the date and purpose of launching your marketing campaign, and how to deliver your message. In addition to determining the digital channels through which you will market your products, in addition to measurement and improvement information.


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