How to use prints to market a new product

Written by Azza Hawash

How to use prints to market a new product

use prints to market

When it comes to marketing a new product, the use of print remains one of the classic and effective tools. Publications allow companies and brands to communicate with the public directly and effectively, and provide an opportunity to enhance brand awareness and increase sales. In this article, we’ll explore how to use print to market a new product.

First and foremost, the company must determine its purpose for using print marketing for the new product. Is the goal to increase awareness of the product? Are you aiming to attract new customers? Or do you want to boost product sales? You should have a clear goal before you start planning your print strategy.

After defining your goal, you can explore several ways when use print to market a product. These methods may include:

  • Direct Printing: You can print promotional brochures or brochures containing comprehensive information about the new product. These publications should be attractive and carry a clear message explaining the benefits of the product and how to obtain it.
  • Advertisements in Magazines and Newspapers: You can take advantage of print ads in local or industry-specialized magazines and newspapers. Choose platforms that reach your target audience and design an attractive ad that attracts readers and prompts them to take action.
  • Banners and posters: Banners and posters in public places such as streets and shops can be effective for promoting the new product. Choose places where your target audience can visually see it and make the design stand out and easy to read.
  • Direct Print Advertising: You can also send a direct print mailing to potential or existing customers to promote the new product. You can design a personal message that explains the benefits of the product and enhances its value to the customer.
  • Educational brochures: Printed educational brochures can be an effective way to provide valuable information about a new product. You may provide an example of how to use the product or explain its benefits and how it differentiates itself from competing products. These brochures can be distributed at trade shows or related events.
  • After choosing the right print strategy, you should also ensure the quality of the design and content. The design should be attractive and eye-catching, and the content should provide useful and compelling information about the new product.
  • Don’t forget to also measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign using print. You can track customer response and measure results through QR codes or custom links. Evaluate the data and use it to improve your strategy in the future.

Tips for designing attractive and eye-catching prints when using prints to market a product

Start with a design plan:

Before you start designing, prepare a plan in advance that includes your goals and vision for the publication. Determine your core message and the key information you want to communicate. This will help you maintain a coordinated and directed design.

Use colors wisely:

Choose a color combination that matches your brand and reflects the atmosphere of the new product. Study the science of color to understand how colors affect consumers’ emotions and visual interactions.

Pay attention to visual planning:

Organize information in a coordinated and smooth manner. Good arrangements should be used and crowding avoided. Use design elements such as lines, images, and shapes to direct the eye and draw attention to key points.

Use high-quality images:

If you use images in your publications, make sure they are high quality and clear. Low quality images can cloud the product image and reduce the value of the print.

Use catchy titles and phrases:

Use strong and attractive titles that grab the reader’s attention and encourage him to continue reading. It is also important to use concise, expressive statements that express the benefits and interesting aspects of the new product.

Rely on simple design:

A simple, clean design may be more attractive. Avoid excess complexity and excess decorations. Allow the negative space to breathe and enhance the reader’s focus on the key message.

Use typefaces wisely:

Choose fonts that match the style of the product and express its personality. Avoid using too many different fonts, and use only one or two fonts consistently.

Test different styles and sizes:

Try experimenting with different print styles and sizes and see what works well. You may try multiple designs and ask others’ opinions to choose the best one.

Don’t forget your contact information:

Be sure to include necessary contact information such as phone number, email, and physical address of the company. There may be people who want to contact you after seeing the publication.

Count on quality printing:

Choose a reliable printing source that provides high-quality printouts. You may need to consult design and printing professionals for optimal results.

I hope these tips help you design attractive, eye-catching prints. Good luck with your design efforts! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask as our experts will help you get the desired result. In conclusion, using prints is an effective tool to market a new product. Explore the many different methods available and choose the ones that fit your target audience and marketing goals. Design engaging literature and valuable information, evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign, and use data to improve your strategy going forward.


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