Types of digital content

Written by Azza Hawash

Types of digital content

There are many types of digital content in the current era, and with the advancement of science, new types appear over time, and what we used to think is difficult has become easy to implement today thanks to advanced technology. Therefore, before choosing the types of digital content that suit your business, you must first identify a set of factors that will affect the process of selecting and publishing content on various platforms.

Company objectives:

What goals do you want to achieve? Is the goal to spread and spread awareness of your brand among your audience? Or focus on increasing sales? These goals vary over time, and there may be a desire to implement more than one goal at the same time.

The process of choosing between goals depends mainly on the current stage of the project, the more development in the project, the need to change the goals to be achieved to suit the stages of the growth of your project, as well as define the marketing objectives based on the possibility of their contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the project, and then the types of content that It can help implement your marketing plan.

If you target increasing sales, the focus will be on advertisements, to be able to convince customers of the project’s advantages, and thus influence their purchasing decisions. If your goal is to spread and reach the audience, then marketing is concerned with increasing the percentage of visits to your website through social media, for example, and this requires choosing the types of content that are based on stimulating the audience to interact.

Your target audience

We prepare the content to influence the audience in various ways, and it is through this that the marketing objectives are achieved. Therefore, you must carefully define your target audience and think about the types of content that suit them, as it may not be appropriate to use content that is not compatible with your followers, which may lead to them losing their passion for the above.

For example, targeting the youth group is completely different from the elderly group, targeting men is completely different from targeting women, on the one hand, that each of them has his own choices and preferences, and the content he prefers to read, which may not be similar to the other group, even if the product or service provided is similar. In a project, so defining your audience helps you choose the appropriate types of content.

Marketing resources available

The process of choosing the right types of content for the project depends on the presence of marketing resources that you already own in your project, and you can benefit from them in producing the content.

Content creators

They are the people responsible for producing the right types of content for each marketing channel. Of course, the content production process needs to be specialized, especially with the constant expansion of the project, and the desire to have more marketing channels to keep pace with growth.


The 5 most important and interactive forms of digital content:


  • 37% of marketers believe that blogging is the most important type of content.
  • A website with a blog gets 434% of archived pages on search engines
  • 77% of internet users in the world read blogs
  • 23% of the time of using the Internet globally goes to blogs and networking sites.


  • Its topic is always related to numbers and statistics.
  • It is likable to people and easy to handle, as it can be shared on social networks, messaging applications, e-mail, and the website.
  • It gives an impression of professionalism.



  • Video is more effective in communicating information from plain text or images. Internet speed improvement in the Arab region raises the viewership rates currently in addition to the fact that the video is a popular form for people.
  • You can make short videos through the mobile camera and smartphone, or make artistic montage with the help of a professional.


  • The image has its strength and if it is moving or forms a complete 360-degree image, it takes more attention from the recipient and increases the rates of interaction
  • The use of images is important on the website and on various social networks and e-mails. You should choose or design images that express your marketing message.


  • Its number of pages ranges from 5 to 40
  • It is provided free of charge to the user in exchange for an e-mail or information about it
  • It gives authority to the institution and expresses its professionalism.

A successful company is one that can use more than one type of content together. For example, when blogging, you can use images and videos in the article, when you publish them on the site, you can configure them well for search engines, as well as publish them on various networks and send them by e-mail.


Of course, there are other types and forms of content that you can use, but the previous points remain the most widespread and interactive by users.


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