What are the types of online stores? How do I choose one?

Written by Azza Hawash

What are the types of online stores? How do I choose the most suitable for me?

There are many types of online stores, and understanding the nature of the types of online stores can help you start trading and make the right choice for you. As the number of different electronic stores on the Internet increases day by day. And owning one has become a necessity to help yourself and expand your sales more.

The most popular online stores models

B2B business-to-business trade

In this model, the company aims to sell its services or products to another company. For example, if you have a company that makes coffee machines. You will need to distribute your products to cafe and restaurant owners or retailers. And you don’t need to sell it to the consumer directly, as well as for example services.

Business-to-consumer B2C commerce

One of the most popular e-commerce models is the direct sale and trade from the company to the customer. Whether it is products or services. However, this model includes different models. Like Coca-Cola, which does not have the means to sell. But sells its products through retailers in various countries of the world. Or the company may sell to retailers and customers at the same time, such as Nike, which has its own stores that customers buy directly from and simultaneously sells its products.

From businesses to B2A organizations and governments

In this model, companies sell their services or products to the public, government, or other organizations or institutions, and this concept is generally associated with business management. One famous example of this type of e-commerce is Accela, a software company that provides government software solutions and public access to government services.

Consumer to Consumer C2C

In this model, the product or service is sold from the consumer (who makes it) to the consumer (who uses it) via an intermediary platform. Among the platforms that are famous for this model are the Etsy platform, eBay, and OLX. This model is suitable for crafts, art, or used items.

From consumer to corporate C2B

One of the famous e-commerce models is the sale of services and products from the consumer to companies. This model is dominated by services provided by independents such as programmers, content makers, designers, and others. Or by those who sell raw materials to companies, such as farmers who sell milk to large companies, for example.

Types of online stores

Direct selling stores

Direct sale to the consumer, means the delivery of the product from the store’s inventory to the customer who made the order, without an intermediary. Some companies choose this model in their infancy. As the online store and retail are managed with interdependence with various shipping companies and electronic payment methods. And when the customer requests, the money is transferred to your bank account without an intermediary or waiting.

Dropshipping stores

Dropshipping stores are one of the types of electronic stores in which products are displayed and sold in retail without the need to purchase and store them. How is this done? Display the product in your store. The customer requests it, and the supplier ships it to the customer without the need for you to buy and store it.

Major trading stations

One of the most prominent types of online stores, is the major trade stations in which sellers can open an account, and these sites gather thousands of merchants, so competition is fierce, but they provide you with the opportunity to appear in front of millions of customers.

One of the most famous of these platforms is the Amazon, Noon, and Jumia platforms, and they help you manage your relationship with customers.

Stores monthly and annual subscription

One of the most popular types of online stores on the Internet. Especially for stores that provide services or products that have a daily demand, such as vegetables, fruits, etc., and the goal of subscriptions is to build long-term loyalty to customers. This type of store is important for customers who need certain things on a regular basis. They resort to subscriptions and packages before these products run out.

Rental stores

Initiatives are now appearing to rent services and products for a period of time. Because the world is heading towards a culture of sustainability. Therefore tends to impose a culture of renting things instead of selling them. For this reason, this type of electronic store began to appear, where the customer rents the product for a period and returns it to the store. Whether it is related to cars or furniture or even clothes. This model may not be that strong yet in the Arab region, so try to study the market need for it, and try it.

How do you know which type of online store is right for you?

If you want to build your own brand, we advise you to build your online store yourself and control it completely, but at the same time, try to benefit from major sales stations such as Amazon, Noon, and Jumia, especially if you are at the beginning, as well as from selling on Facebook and Twitter. And Instagram and other social media platforms, but if you do not have the budget to buy the products from the original, try to sell through Dropshipping. As it only costs you a professional online store at a reasonable price that you design in Willet, display the products on it, and then order it to the customer directly from the supplier to make The supplier ships it on your behalf.


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