Choose the Perfect Menu Paper for Your Restaurant

Written by Azza Hawash

How to Choose the Perfect Menu Paper for Your Restaurant

The perfect menu paper

You have designed the perfect menu for your restaurant. From font that matches your style to designs that match your brand, you’ve settled on all the ins and outs of restaurant printing, and now you have one final question: What’s the perfect menu paper for your restaurant?

It may sound trivial, but your paper can have a huge impact on your bottom line, and you don’t want your hard work to go to waste. That’s why we’ve put together what to look for on paper for menus and why it’s important.

Why is the roll paper type important?

Your actual menu is one of your customers’ first impressions of your restaurant. It is the first item they hold in their hands, and it helps them decide what to order. A substandard paper menu can strip away the professionalism of your restaurant and possibly even prevent a guest from trying your food.

Restaurant menus are handled by many people throughout the day, so the paper from the restaurant owner’s home computer printer will not be able to withstand the wear and tear of a busy restaurant. Therefore, it is important to work with a professional printing company that can print with high-quality roll paper.

Choose the best paper for the meus

Many printing companies offer a wide range of paper for menus. Here are some of the PR’s recommendations for paper that can help your menus make an impact.

Set yourself up for success with the cards

Cardstock is one of the best papers for menus. It’s powerful and sophisticated while still being affordable. The paper slate can be folded or opened, and it stays upright all season until the next slate is rolled out. Cardstock is one of the most popular restaurant menu sheets out there due to its versatility.

Increase sophistication with linen-finish paper

Linen paper is paper in which the surface of the paper is embossed with crisscross lines running in both directions to mimic the texture of linen cloth. This luxurious paper pattern is ideal for high-end restaurants that want to impress their guests.

Continuity with water-resistant uprights

Waterproof paper is a strong paper that can handle just about anything. If your restaurant is a family setting, waterproof paper is a worthwhile choice. These paper menus will withstand drinks or food spills over and over again.

Keep fast food menus simple with uncoated paper

When you’re looking for a simple, affordable paper that’s perfect for disposable and takeaway menus, look no further than uncoated paper. Uncoated sheets are lightweight, easy to fold, and very affordable. It’s perfect for distribution so customers can keep a copy of the menu at home and call in their orders.

Go green with recycled paper

While all restaurants can benefit from using printing on recycled paper, this is an especially appropriate option for healthy food restaurants, vegan restaurants, and all restaurants that want to emphasize that they are making the world a better place – and their patrons better and healthier.

Tips for creating the perfect menu paper

Printing a list involves making many decisions and taking many conditions into consideration. While you’re finalizing your menu paper, here are our top tips.

Don’t underestimate the power of perfect roll paper

You want the guest’s experience with your menu to be memorable, and for the good menu to be noticed. One of the defining qualities of a good slate is the paper it’s made of. From size to weight, and from color to texture, menu paper affects how guests perceive your restaurant. Therefore, take all decisions regarding your list paper very seriously.

Choose your ideal roll paper size carefully

Be sure to consider the size of the menu paper that best suits your restaurant’s needs. How many dishes do you serve? Need space to describe your products or ingredient lists? How much negative space do you plan to include in your design? Need a custom menu paper size? All of these questions will affect your paper size.

Typical restaurant menus require plenty of space for pictures, prices, descriptions, and the many items a restaurant offers. This means that the paper must be larger than the standard letter size. A longer style of paper such as 11″ x 17″ or 12″ x 18″ is just large enough for your menu and makes an impression, without crowding your tables.

When deciding on size, visit your competitors’ restaurants and peek at their menu designs. Maybe they have ideas that inspire you. Also consult with Sponsorship’s expert design team, who can help you choose the menu paper size that elevates the style of your restaurant.

Create the perfect menu paper that enhances the style of your restaurant

Find the exact style that works best for your restaurant. Some restaurants use single-page menus, others use menus with multiple pages to navigate through and hold, and still others use two- or three-fold menus.

Don’t forget to think about the listings. These are usually smaller and feature specials or seasonal items. It should still match your menu but should be about half the size so that it can fit inside the menu or be served with it.

Laminate your rolls to ensure durability

Anytime you deal with food and beverages, there are bound to be some spills, and you want your menus to last. Our laminated menus are very easy to clean, making hygiene a breeze.

Both matte and glossy laminations are great options that create nearly indestructible menus and can survive everything from beverage spills to disinfecting wipes. Lamination can also create a retro feel to the dinner, bringing guests back to their childhood.

Ask for a print preview first

When you make a big decision like choosing new paper for a restaurant menu, be sure to test the paper before you print the entire order. Your printing company can provide a preview of your intended design to ensure that you receive an order that looks better than you imagined.


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