The latest important Twitter updates for business and marketing

Written by Azza Hawash

Twitter updates

The latest important Twitter updates for business and marketing

Twitter application is one of the important applications in the business and marketing sector. It performs many permanent, continuous, and substantial updates that sometimes confuse its users. Twitter Updates Reach the right people at the right time with Twitter’s targeting tools.

Now the original social network has a completely new name from Twitter to X

In our article today, we present the most important updates that took place on the platform, because of their impact on the world of Digital Marketing.

There is nothing new

Changing the commercial identity or Rebranding of an entity is not new in the business market. For example, PayPal, one of Musk’s early startups, started life as back in 1999.

And in April of this year, Musk officially changed the legal name of Twitter to X Corp.

According to Musk, “The name Twitter made sense when it was just 140 personal messages flitting back and forth — like birdsong — but now you can post almost anything, including several hours of video. In the coming months, we’ll add comprehensive communications and the ability to manage your financial world.” The name Twitter has no meaning in this context, so we must bid the bird farewell.”

What are the latest Twitter updates?

  • Twitter limits the number of tweets you can read per day
  • Logged-in Twitter users can now read anywhere from 500 to 10,000 tweets a day, depending on their account status.
  • Initially, verified accounts were limited to viewing 6,000 tweets per day, while unverified accounts could only view 600 tweets. New unverified accounts had a limit of 300 posts per day.
  • These limits have since been revised to 10,000 posts for verified accounts, 1,000 for unverified accounts, and 500 for new unverified accounts.
  • This means that if you created a new account last week to get around Twitter’s other recent changes — now, only registered users can see tweets — you’ll only have a few minutes to scroll before hitting the “price limit exceeded” notification.
  • There is no information yet on how long these temporary restrictions will be in place.

Twitter BLUE features for individuals

Blue includes a number of features to improve your experience, including:

  • Edit Post: This much-requested feature gives you a one-hour window to make a limited number of changes to published posts. Use it to make updates, tag someone, or rearrange the media you’ve attached. Post editing currently only applies to original posts and quotes.
  • Half the ads: See almost 50% fewer ads in your timelines and follow-up.
  • Priority rankings in conversations and search: Posts you interact with will get a small ranking boost. In addition, your responses will receive a boost that brings them closer to the top.
  • Longer Posts: Want to post more than 280 characters? Longer posts allow subscribers to post up to 25,000 characters.
  • Bookmark Folders: Bookmark folders allow subscribers to group and organize their bookmarked posts into folders for faster discovery later.
  • Custom Navigation: This feature allows you to choose what appears in your navigation bar, so you can quickly access the content and X destinations you care about most.
  • Spaces tab: We’re testing a new interface within Spaces that provides easier access to audio content.
  • Top Articles: Top Article is an abbreviation for the most shared articles in your network. This feature automatically lists the most shared articles from the people you follow.
  • Undo Post: Undo Post gives you the option to retract a post after you’ve submitted it, but before it’s visible to others on X.
  • Upload a longer video: Share more content with your followers. Blue subscribers can upload videos up to 3 hours long and up to 8GB in file size (1080p).

Twitter BLUE Business Features

  • Premium support: Verified organizations have access to premium support.
  • Affiliations: The best marketing comes directly from real people on Twitter. Now, you can affiliate your organization’s heroes so everyone knows where they work.
  • Custom Organization Profile: Verified organizations receive a number of customizations for their profile.
  • Impersonation Defense: All verified organizations and their accounts are defended against impersonation.
  • Elevated Tweets, Direct Messages, and Media Upload Limits: Verified organizations and their affiliates have significantly increased their Tweets, direct messages, and media upload rate limits.
  • Access to features like editing tweets, bookmark folders, longer tweets, priority order in conversations, and half ads.

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