The difference between visual and business identity and logo?

Written by Azza Hawash

The difference between visual and business identity and logo?

The difference between the commercial and visual identity and the logo leads to some confusion in the business community and in the field of advertising in particular. This is when making a trademark or logo. People fall into the trap of naming and defining (logo – identity – brand). There are those who simply call a logo a trademark, and there are those who do not differentiate between visual identity and corporate identity.


It is a symbol or sign that carries with it a “philosophical” message for the target audience so that it distinguishes the institution. Sometimes the letter is “introductory” and indicates the organization’s activity in a simplified manner.

Visual identity

Some confuse the brand with the visual identity, and if you think about the name, the visual identity represents everything that is seen by the eye. It is the image of sensory institutions in front of their customers, and it is the view with which they present themselves. Objectively, it is everything related to the various visual applications of the institution, such as colors, cards, papers, supplies, publications, prints, envelopes, paintings, uniforms, vehicles, decorations…etc. Which belongs to the organization or falls within its scope, and the logo is of course an important part of this identity.

Visual identity guidelines

Usually, a guide is prepared that explains how the visual identity is used on a range of media and multiple applications, which would organize and transmit through it the message, values, and philosophy of the institution, and be embodied in a balanced, thoughtful and organized manner through this visual communication with the target audience.

Brand / Corporate identity

It is a broad concept that includes all of the above and more, as the trademark is primarily the “name”. After that, it is all that would distinguish the products and services of an institution from others. From the embodiment of the visual identity, the logo, and everything that is seen by the eye, as mentioned earlier. And all the strategies that are directed to the public, the messages and promotional phrases that are circulated, the buildings that are constructed, and all the employees that represent these establishments. And all that the public receives, whether it is through customer service channels or other languages, sound, images, or even smell. This is a representation of the personality of this brand with its values and philosophy, and the mental image rooted in the feelings and feelings of the public.

The importance of designing a business identity

Designing a commercial identity for your company is of great importance, as companies spend millions of dollars annually to create a distinctive, innovative, and attractive identity in order to create and consolidate the identity of their customers:

Business identity helps you get noticed

A strong commercial identity helps you attract the attention of your customers. It ensures that you are always at the forefront, which helps to increase brand awareness.

A brand identity that is confident and innovative attracts people who believe in what your brand believes in and your reason for being. Once those people become your customers, your brand identity itself gives them a sense of belonging.

Increase your customer’s trust in you

Trust is the first step provided by a strong commercial identity, as it builds you trust with your customers. This appears when you put your identity on the products or services you offer and thus the brand identity gives you the authority and the crucial credibility you need to succeed in today’s market.

It shows you great credibility

Credibility is one of the most prepared things to transform your customers’ impressions of the brand from mere fans of the brand to people interested in your company. Whether it is a print advertisement, an online advertisement, or a commercial advertisement on “YouTube”, the commercial identity is your guide to creating great credibility with your customers.

Help you stand out from your competitors

Studies have shown that 60% of consumers prefer to buy from brands they already know and the reason for the popularity of the brand is the strong brand identity. It helps you distinguish your business from competitors and position your brand appropriately and this can help you to develop and design a professional and innovative business identity that helps you to Distinguish in front of potential customers in the market.

Business identity helps you improve your sales

Brand identity helps you to drastically improve your sales by enhancing customer loyalty. The main and primary goal of the company is to generate leads and achieve desired sales. Thus with a strong brand identity comes the ability to increase prices. And product development as well as attract more long-term customers.

A strong identity helps you settle in the market

It is always the survival of the fittest in the market in the face of increasing competition and evolving tastes of customers. Thus, the presence of the importance of the commercial identity shows that the brand is stable in nature and constantly progresses with the cyclical nature of the market, and constantly innovates its technologies and measures that provide the best products and services to its customers.

Business identity creates brand awareness

Having a strong and good brand identity is very important for a business. To achieve a distinct market presence amidst the dynamic nature of the industry and changing customer preferences. Thus, a strong business identity creates widespread awareness of the brand, its products, and its services. Which makes the company make its way to new and untapped markets with enthusiasm and confidence.


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