The best medical marketing ideas for a pharmacy or medical center

Written by Azza Hawash

The best medical marketing ideas for a pharmacy or medical center

The best medical marketing ideas for a pharmacy or medical center

Medical marketing: a pharmacy or medical center requires more care and attention to the smallest details. Despite the many ideas for medical marketing, paper publications are indispensable, starting from the bag in which purchases are placed to advertising brochures and many other important choices. The pharmaceutical business is very popular because of its huge impact on the state of healthcare in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that essential products are specific medicines and equipment to prevent the development of infection. As a result, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sinovac, and other brands have applied all their pharmacy marketing resources to impact the fight against coronavirus globally. As a result, community interest in such an area increased, which led to more than 50% growth in product sales volume.

Digitize your direct communications with patients

The days of discovering drugstore product ranges by phone calls and visits to stores are over. Patients need something that gives them what they want in just a few clicks. The best solution when marketing medicine is to create an application that allows: checking drug prices and availability in the selected store (choosing the store with the appropriate location); Getting advice about the indications for use and side effects of medications, and determining what is best for your disease; Pre-order medications with the possibility of receiving them back from the nearest store or home delivery service.

It is an essential aspect of digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry because collaboration must be very convenient (a patient’s condition may make a visit to the store impossible).

Increase conversions through text messages

It is also necessary to maintain communication with patients offline. Messaging is an ideal strategy to reach the target audience in the pharmacy and talk about your brand through short advertising text. In pharmacy marketing, it is best to write to patients who are being treated or consulted in hospitals or private clinics to offer them something that suits their specific condition. Besides information about the products, in pharmacy marketing, it is also necessary to represent the company in general in a few sentences. Therefore, the design of the message is also important.

Attend local events and activities

People become interested when visiting a local event when they know about the brand. So, in medical marketing, it is useful to talk about pharmacy at conferences, key events, meetings, etc. Prepare all types of publications well in advance to distribute them to attendees at events.

Promote your pharmacy through Google My Business

It is an important element of SEO as it gives customers detailed information about your brand and pharmacy promotions. Marketers should ideally publish optimized content with targeted keywords and a logical structure to enter the digital pharmacy market. For example, my business account allows you to add your pharmacy’s mailing address to Google Maps.

Use social media in medical marketing

People spend a lot of time every day reviewing content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. That is why, in pharmacy marketing, it is necessary to reach patients by implementing the following innovative ideas in pharmaceutical marketing: content on medical topics, most disadvantages of healthcare, healthy lifestyle tips, etc. Update content when new information emerges on a specific topic

Social media is essential for every modern digital marketing for pharmacies due to the visible results after short-term performance.

Providing free health examinations

Expressing concern about a customer’s health by offering a free screening or screening for a specific disease (COVID-19, diabetes, etc.) is a good marketing trick for a pharmacy. Private clinics or other partners can provide equipment. It is necessary to remember the rules of disinfection and sterilization in case of submitting blood samples or contact with biological fluids.

Effective recommendations

Making the Most of Customer Referrals Recommendations are powerful in medical marketing and can significantly expand your customer base. Existing customers attract new customers by giving them a brochure where they can fill out their personal information. Then, when the card is shown to the pharmacist, the customer is consulted about the pros and cons of the pharmacy.

Providing orders that are difficult to obtain

Take Special Orders Some medications are difficult to obtain, so this marketing ploy will help create a specific list indicating these medications. Then, if patients provide a valid receipt and confirm legal use of the drug, the pharmacy may sell the rarely obtained product with a specific pre-order.

Advertising to the target audience

In an industry like pharmacy, target customers are patients of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc. Therefore, in marketing pharmacies, it is better to cooperate with doctors from different departments, who may talk about the special offers of the pharmacy and consider them the best for obtaining therapeutic drugs.

Seasonal promotional campaigns

Public relations and advertising marketing for the pharmacy industry have the advantage of offering promotional campaigns (increase in allergy or influenza cases) or during medical events or conferences. However, it is necessary to always be in the line of sight of potential clients and attract them by constantly reminding them of your services.

Email marketing

Send Your Patients Email Newsletters Email newsletters work with your database. Customers who have already cooperated with you receive updated messages about promotions, news, and special offers from your company. In order for each of the buyers to become interested, the database is divided according to the personal data they leave. Sending personalized emails is important everywhere, and in email marketing for pharmacies, personalization is essential. This is the key to success as personalization here is the basis for building trust with subscribers. It does not matter whether we are talking about doctors as the decision makers to recommend this or that drug or about patients themselves, who have to choose. Personalization allows you to show that you can trust the company and product and that it will help solve the problems of a particular patient or doctor.

Take advantage of reviews on Google

Encourage your patients to leave positive reviews on Google. Make sure your customers are posting positive reviews on Google and other social media platforms. User-generated content, or UGC, is what it is, and it’s huge. You should use User Generated Content (UGC) as a tool for business expansion and marketing. User-generated content is used to describe any reference to your company that occurs outside of your marketing initiatives.

Virtual events

Connect with people through virtual events. Event pharmacy advertising involves more than just social media and search engines. Virtual events allow for a great deal of customization and provide a low-cost option to engage with and grow your audience. Consider using any of these suggestions to make the most of virtual events: Participate in a virtual industry conference to network with others in the pharma sector. Create a simple fitness program at home and teach it in an online health class. Host a webinar on a topic or treatment that you know people are interested in learning about. Are you having trouble deciding what to include in your event? You can publish an interactive poll asking what your followers want to see on your social media platforms.


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