Steps to design a distinctive business identity

Written by Azza Hawash

Steps to design a distinctive business identity

All companies today seek to design a distinctive business identity, whether your company is located on the Internet or on the ground, and whether you adopt e-marketing to market your service or use traditional marketing, the business identity remains your way to uniqueness and distinction and establish an image of you in the mind of the customer.
In order to be able to design your own business identity that distinguishes you from the rest of the competitors in the market, and at the same time it is simple and quick to understand and remember by your customers and also your other competitors in the same field, you must pay close attention to the following steps.

Steps to design a distinctive business identity:

The first and most important step is to dig deep and watch a lot of business identity models for competing companies as doing this step generates many ideas.
Competitor analysis facilitates the design of different distinctive brand identity and enables you to know their shortcomings to avoid and your strengths to show and clarify them in your business identity.
Analyzing your target customer is also an important step when designing a distinctive business identity, as knowing your customer’s interests and the colors and shapes that are embedded in his subconscious mind with a distinctive positive message is one of the most important steps in designing a business identity, and there are many studies and research that facilitate the identification of your priorities and choices.

Determine the strategy with which you will implement your business:

You must develop a strategy and action plan that matches your goals and expectations from launching your business. Based on the previous study and analysis step, you can develop a plan with a clear specific goal. And you can modify the plan later and add more goals based on changes in the market situation, and specify a key to measure your achievement of the goal, as based on the results of this strategy you will later be able to improve your service, product or even your marketing method.

Choosing the right name to be able to design a distinctive business identity:

Now that you have completed the research, study, and analysis, and you have the strengths, weaknesses, specifications of your customer, and also the strategy with which you will implement your business and reach your customer, you can choose the appropriate name for your business identity and at the same time express your personality and service. You can suggest several names and then choose the best one.
Care must be taken when choosing your commercial name because it will be your face to the public and will be used in all commercial advertisements and designs that you will design later, and it will remain attached to your company throughout the period of its work.

Choosing the right logo to design a unique business identity:

Your logo is what expresses all of the above. When your customer sees it, he must know the name of your company, your type of service, caring for it expresses your interest in the quality of your work presented, and its colors are one of your customer’s favorite colors.
Your logo will be placed on all your electronic designs, photos, videos, your website, your store, and it will be printed on all your paper publications, on the front of your place, and sometimes even on your employees’ clothes, so choose its streamlined shapes, colors, and shades carefully.

Choosing the Best Brand Identity Design Company:

The most important step, which is better to be the first, is to find the expert who can carry out all these steps with you, as the market is always changing and you must find a person who specializes in following up those studies and can carry out your needs professionally and at a time that suits you, to find a distinct business identity design company that must on you:

  • Read the company’s previous work.
  • Read customer reviews on their designs.
  • See some of their work for yourself.
  • Ensure that it is easy to communicate with them.
  • Study the price offer well and ensure that all requirements are met.

Now that you have implemented the design of your business identity, you can start marketing for your service, whether traditional marketing by distributing brochures or digital marketing on social media platforms.


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