Marketing methods for restaurants and cafes through prints

Written by Azza Hawash

Marketing methods for restaurants and cafes through prints

Although technology has become an essential part of marketing methods for restaurants and cafes in recent times. However, this does not negate the need to use marketing through print ads within the marketing strategy for restaurants. In particular, it is one of the methods familiar to customers and many of them prefer it. Therefore, if you want to improve the marketing strategy for your restaurants and cafes, you must combine the advanced and traditional methods of marketing.

Traditional marketing for restaurants and cafes

Some form of traditional marketing in restaurants and cafes is print marketing. This includes print flyers, posters, outdoor signs, direct mail, business cards, menu boards, and photos. So if you want to improve your restaurant or coffee shop’s marketing efforts, you should include different types of marketing in your restaurant’s marketing strategy. And do not forget to choose professionals specialized in advertising, especially print, to obtain the best results for your advertising campaign.

Forms and methods of marketing for restaurants and cafes from print ads

Indoor and outdoor signage

Indoor and outdoor signage is an essential component of print marketing for any restaurant or café. It effectively increases the number of items sold inside the place. This can be done by suggesting a menu of daily specials or by displaying pictures of delicious meals. Also, it can attract a lot of customers to your restaurant by using it to advertise the restaurant itself or by promoting new events and offers associated with certain times.

Both types of banners are essential aspects of a print marketing strategy. And a great investment that you shouldn’t miss, especially since modern printing techniques have become much easier than before with the use of vinyl and other media. It has also become inexpensive compared to some other means that are used to attract customers at home and abroad.


Printed menus are a good sales tool for restaurants. Yet many restaurants fail to design their menu in the right way. Through which the menu items are divided into four parts based on high popularity, high profitability, low popularity, and low profitability. So an experienced marketing agency can create a proper menu that will increase sales of your most popular and profitable items.

You can use printed menus in more than one way within your restaurant by promoting new items on the menu, special offers, and events. Also, place a printed menu next to a window or other visible location for customers to see. The printed menu can be used in another way by printing large quantities of it and distributing it to customers so that they can see it while they are at home or office.

Flyers and brochures

Restaurant flyers are usually used for many different purposes such as promoting special offers to your existing restaurant visitors or those near your location. Placing flyers featuring your special menus or discounts on your car’s windshield is another use for flyers to advertise your restaurant. In particular, they are quick to print and cheap to reproduce, making them an invaluable asset to your restaurant’s marketing strategy.

Brochures are very similar to flyers in terms of purpose and presentation of special offers but in a better way. They are usually printed in high-quality prints and include more information about your business and special events than in restaurant brochures. Brochures are ideal for distribution at hotels and local attractions to attract the attention of tourists looking for a local place to eat.

Business cards

Business cards are a classic and straightforward presentation method that is commonly used to distribute to vendors, sales representatives, and suppliers. It is also placed next to the cash register for customers to take one when they leave the restaurant and every time a customer sees your business card in their wallet or anywhere else they might consider visiting again.

Magnetic flyers

One of the neglected tools in print marketing is using magnets to promote restaurants and cafes. They are usually printed with your company’s contact information and are rarely discarded. It is often placed on refrigerators, filing cabinets, and desk drawers.


One of the most recent is posters that allow those inside to see outside the restaurant or café. And vice versa, it is not possible for those who are outside to see who is inside and it is called see-through.

Stickers can be used in various forms as marketing tools for restaurants. Including adding stickers in menus to advertise the most popular food and beverage items. It can be used to advertise the restaurant on the go and also used on packaged meals, cups, and paper bags to mark takeout orders.

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