Your mini guide on the importance of flyer distribution

Written by Azza Hawash

Your mini guide on the importance of flyer distribution

Flyer in Arabic means “flyer” or “pamphlet”. As for the meaning of the word flyer, it is originally an English word, its origin is due to the verb Fly, and with a simple approach, we can say that it is a flying paper that spreads from one place to another easily.

It is one of the marketing tools in the business world, and it is a promotional paper document or document, consisting of one sheet, printed on one or both sides. It contains a clear and explicit message about a product, service, social event, discounts and offers, new stores, and other matters.

The purpose of the flyer

  • An advertising medium to present a specific idea or quickly communicate a marketing message.
  • Draw attention to products or events.
  • Motivate people to take action, after reading it.
  • Reach out to the widest possible segment of people, to support the brand or the current event.
  • Provide brief and useful information to the public, at an economical cost.

Flyer Components

  • Company logo.
  • Contact information.
  • Titles in an attractive and exciting format, containing strong words, that arouse curiosity in the reader.
  • Short and clear texts.
  • An appropriate image of the event or product.
  • Distinctive graphics or shapes.
  • Divide and organize the newsletter page, with boxes, lines, or columns.
  • Symbols and icons, reduce the use of text and give a beautiful feel.
  • Small lists, bulleted or numbered.

Flyer types

There are three main types that are taken into consideration when designing a flyer, and they are as follows

Flyer Ads

It is one of the well-known types of flyers, usually used to promote goods sold during a specific period of time, sales, and other events specific to a specific time period. It contains short and clear information that is easy to read. Flyer’s design is simple, and great care is taken with the phrases and how they’re phrased attractively.

Corporate Business Flyers

An important tool for brand awareness, it takes care of the way it is designed and formalized. Highlight the company logo, contact details, and product image. They are long-lived and usually thick or plastic-coated.

Photo-centric Flyers

It is usually devoted to encouraging visits to certain places, such as tourist areas, hotels, restaurants, and clubs. The images are placed in a thoughtful way so that they suggest to the viewer that he is completely in this place, and urge him to visit and explore it. Since it is based on photos, high-quality flyer printing is taken care of and glossy and thick paper may be used, which highlights the accuracy and beauty of the photos. Therefore, it is one of the attractive types of flyers.

The importance of flyer distribution

The importance of distributing flyers, brochures, or printed materials is considered in each of the following activities:

  • Introducing the street audience and residents of the regions to certain discounts in a supermarket or hypermarket chain, with displaying models of consumer goods prices.
  • Introducing the residents of a specific area to opening a specific store, activity, or library, thus acquiring new customers from the area, as well as the ease of access for any person from outside the region to that activity, in order to familiarize the residents of the regions with the new activity they have.
  • Schools, nurseries, educational course companies, as well as restaurants still rely on this method to know the effectiveness of delivery more than other activities by distributing to passers-by and homes.

Types of flyer distribution

Quantitative Distribution (Normal)

It is distributed randomly to pedestrians on the road in one area with the aim of introducing a new commercial activity, advertising or election campaign, or taxi drivers in a specific area.

Qualitative distribution (to the target audience)

It is in which the company distributes leaflets (flyers – brochures) to a specific target type, such as females only or young people only and in front of the doors of residential apartments. Also, if your activity is training or educational courses, then the best age group for you is youth and in front of universities.

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