Ideas for making a publications distribution plan

Written by Azza Hawash

Ideas for making a publications distribution plan

publications distribution plan

For many consumers, print advertising has become an afterthought. Likewise, many companies have adopted a digital-first marketing attitude. The truth is that print is still one of the most effective marketing tools,  so a publications distribution plan should be in place as if your company is not currently investing in a variety of local print ads, shop signs, business cards, brochures, etc., you are missing out on an opportunity to make money.

Ideas for creating a publications distribution plan to start your marketing strategy

You may be surprised to learn that 98% of consumers check direct mail (compared to 20% who open emails from brands).

To start your marketing strategy using print media, check out these proven print media ideas.

Local Print Advertisements:

Many of the industry’s leading, multi-location brands are investing heavily in local print advertising. Smart use of locally targeted advertising can be a powerful way to reach high-value customers and target people.

In your local advertising, try to add local spirit by including location-relevant messaging and imagery. Recent data indicates that 74% of consumers respond to location-specific messaging.


A direct mail campaign is a great way to reach customers and consumers. Receiving something in the mail is an effective way to get a person’s attention. The trick is to make this piece stand out among the rest of the “spam.” Try adding some interesting design elements like emphasized text, high-quality images, eye-catching colors, etc. Many effective pieces of direct mail focus on providing value to customers through coupon codes. To go a step further, you can consider adding a detachable gift card.

In-Store Signage:

To run a successful business, in-store signage is an absolute necessity. Investing in quality signage is an easy and effective way to increase traffic and connect with customers. Your signage should be concise and eye-catching. Furthermore, signage should promote a clear and compelling call to action.

From explanatory signage (hours of operation, directions to the bathroom) to persuasive signage (seasonal sales, featured products), there are plenty of opportunities to invest in this print medium.


A simple brochure is a proven and effective way to attract customers and consumers quickly. In most cases, a brochure conveys important and consistent information. In addition, the booklet can easily fit into a back pocket, bag or backpack. When linked with an appropriate message, a brochure is one of the most convenient and useful pieces of print for consumers.

Product Sheets:

The best product or sales sheet uses high-quality images and attractive text to motivate customers to buy. The product sheet should be free of any technical or complex language. Instead, you should quickly and concisely express the value of the product. As a good practice, it is recommended that you add your contact information, including address, phone number, website and email address.

Business Cards:

In many cases, a business card is the first interaction customers will have with your business. Therefore, your business card should grab customers’ attention and express your brand’s unique values almost immediately.

Merchandise souvenir goods:

Finally, harness the power of printed souvenirs, including pens, T-shirts, drawstring backpacks, and stickers. These items are generally considered to be more durable than any of the other printed materials mentioned above. Additionally, wearable items with your brand logo and colors are great promotional items.

Finally: Integrating print and digital marketing media when developing a publications distribution plan:

The most effective multi-branch companies integrate print and digital marketing to create a unified marketing experience. For example, try adding a QR code on all of your business cards. This makes it easy and simple for customers and clients to schedule a call, visit the sales page, etc. Additionally, marketers can use print with digital to achieve local marketing ROI.


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