How do you practice field marketing professionally?

Written by Azza Hawash

How do you practice field marketing professionally?

Field marketing

Most business owners currently tend towards digital marketing, especially in light of the tremendous technological development. However, this does not mean dispensing with field marketing, which allows physical interaction and communication directly with customers.

Field marketing is absolutely indispensable for any company that interacts with its target audience directly, face to face. It is an extremely valuable tool for organizations that operate in market arenas and seek to significantly expand their customer base.

What is field marketing?

It is a long series of marketing activities that are applied within different markets. It is a strategy that applies many principles used in sales and digital marketing strategies, such as: building relationships, targeting the audience.

Its goal is to promote the brand and its products in public places and sales sites, which include shopping centers, and distribute promotions and direct sales, inside stores, on the streets, on university campuses, some institutions, and at occasions and events.

It is characterized by the fact that it includes all marketing activities that involve face-to-face contact with the consumer.

The importance of field marketing

The importance of field marketing is that it is an effective tool to enhance brands in the minds of customers. This makes field marketing campaigns very vital in terms of strengthening the relationship between customers, brands, and their products or services. This is achieved by taking advantage of the benefits of field marketing, but how?

Establishing the brand with customers

One of the most important benefits of field marketing is that it allows your customers to deal face-to-face with your brand representatives and interact with field marketers about any complaints they are expected to have regarding the product or service you provide. The importance of this type of marketing increases with the opportunities that the field marketing team gets to transform consumers and the target audience into loyal customers who are confident in the company’s products. This can happen by field marketers instilling the brand, its values, and ideas in the minds of customers by creating attention-grabbing and interesting promotional posters with dimensions. Visual.

Field marketing activities help increase opportunities for direct interaction with potential customers and consumers to increase loyalty and brand awareness and register your commercial offers in the minds of potential customers, all of which help the company achieve its desired goals.

Convert skeptical customers into satisfied customers

Over the past years, customers have become more knowledgeable than ever and are not afraid to ask questions or criticize the biggest brands. So, field marketing campaigns can help you allay doubts among your customers. Nowadays, field marketers have the opportunity to answer the most difficult questions that these customers ask about the brand and its products.

If you have a field marketing team highly skilled in marketing, persuasion, and direct selling. This may lead to skeptical customers turning into satisfied customers after their difficult inquiries and questions are answered. Thus, building a healthy and good relationship with customers that enjoys continuity. Which increases the growth and progress of your company and sales flow.

This type helps brands get to know consumers more closely and better. Especially since interaction is most often through direct contact. When it comes to selling in local communities, field marketing becomes very important because customers want business owners to be aware of their different concerns, preferences, and needs.

The field marketing team can also help customers provide quick answers to their harsh complaints and negative criticism, especially if there are defects in the product. Thus, the brand maintains its customers, and this contributes to increasing interactivity with the target audience and ending the state of discontent that may arise due to something in it. trade mark. Hence, the skeptical customer turns into a permanent customer who is convinced of the company’s products.

Measure results and track goals

Effective field marketing campaigns achieve their desired goals if implemented properly. So you have tangible results that can be measured and evaluated. Through that, you can easily measure the rate of return on investment for the marketing campaign through field marketing reporting programs. This depends on the mall, location, store, or shopping places.

Tracking goals and measuring results is now easier than ever. Where brand owners, product managers, field marketing leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs can. Reviewing reports and analyses, and measuring the performance of field marketing teams and the extent to which promotional campaigns achieve their goals. This is done through smartphones, computers, and modern applications. But you must precisely define your SMART goals along with KPIs that help you measure your results.

Target your audience carefully

Proper targeting of the audience is very important so that your product reaches those who actually need it. You can implement it through this type of marketing. Through field marketing campaigns, the step of identifying potential customers is more accurate, focused, and targeted.

This involves determining the density of potential consumers in a particular area or at an event. After that, the appropriate marketing activities for this segment of the target audience are selected after identifying the challenges they face, their needs, skills, and goals, according to what is appropriate for the brand’s products.

Once field marketers are done with all of this, they can move forward with interacting with the people they have identified as potential customers. These customers are likely to increase their awareness and loyalty to the brand until they become new customers by making a purchasing decision, and they are likely to continue dealing with the company permanently.


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