Effective marketing steps for the feast seasons

Written by Azza Hawash

feast seasons

Effective marketing steps for the feast seasons

Get ready for the launch of your marketing campaign as the feast seasons is generally a very ideal opportunity. Especially for retail stores and restaurants as well to market their products and services. However, this opportunity is not monopolized by these sectors only. Rather, it extends to all sectors and industries that must use this period of high consumption to their advantage.

Why the holiday season is such an effective marketing opportunity

Due to a number of factors, the most important of which are:

  • Increased use of mobile phones.
  • Increased social media users.
  • The rate of consumption is high because it is the season of holidays, picnics, and family gatherings.

Therefore, you are supposed to focus on non-traditional marketing methods.

Marketing ideas for the feast seasons

Here are some marketing ideas that you can include in your Eid marketing strategy:

Choose the appropriate marketing message

First and foremost, is choosing the perfect congratulatory message to celebrate the coming of Eid with customers and followers. You can write a simple message, containing a simple phrase such as “Eid Mubarak” in addition to other symbols related to Eid, such as a sheep, or add some Eid sweets. You can also make a greater effort, and have your message contain part of the words of one of the famous songs of the feast.

Give them something new

The holidays are the perfect season for gifts and shopping. Parents are usually busy buying new clothes for their children and gifts for friends and family members. The best way to attract their attention is through sales and special offers. Offers and discounts are effective ways for all types of businesses and various sectors, regardless of the size of the company. Our advice to you is to prepare special offers for this time of year. It is also better to spread it more on social media and send an email marketing campaign to make sure that your clients and customers are always informed.

Upgrade your brand look ahead of the feast seasons

Eid is a very important occasion, which is why it’s worth dedicating a special look to your advertising campaign and social media. You can add an Eid template to your accounts on social media platforms and the home page of your website to prepare people for the Eid atmosphere. Some companies design a special logo for the company on such occasions to celebrate them. You can work with your company’s design team to design an image for your profile and a cover image as well that bears the theme of Eid and celebrations. At the same time, do not forget that your activity on social networks conveys the feeling and feelings of celebrating Eid, and do not forget your website or blog as well.

Contests, challenges, and giveaways

The marketing strategy through competitions is not only for the purpose of competition but rather an opportunity to create a beautiful atmosphere between your company and followers. In addition, it is an opportunity to attract more customers and increase interaction with you on social media. Eid is the right time to run such competitions or giveaways, and you will see interaction with your company or brand by the public based on the rewards offered.

The competition itself has an unlimited number of possibilities and depends on the goal you want to reach: is the goal to gain more followers on social media platforms? Or is the goal to interact and comment on your posts? For example, you can create content made up of what your followers post by asking them to share a photo and video clip on a hashtag. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

Involve your customers in your marketing campaign

You can make the voice of your customers and followers better heard, by increasing your User Generated Content (UGC). Create a special holiday memories tag so that your customers can share their memories with your products. You can also ask the audience to share some advice on using your products or to choose one of your best products and services.

And since Eid is the right time for gifts, you can ask them to share the gifts they receive on this Eid from your company and don’t forget to repost them on social media.

Don’t forget to enjoy what you do

Our final tip on marketing ideas for the holiday season is to get in the holiday mood. You can always develop new and smart ideas for your marketing campaigns and personalize your messages and interactions. For example, if your work team is from different cultures, you can assign each of them the ability to post on social networks information about their traditions of celebrating Eid with their families. You can also customize a special hashtag and invite people to it to share how to celebrate the holiday according to the traditions of their country and then re-share it on the platforms or write an article about it.

After feast seasons analysis

Once the Eid festivities are over, it is essential to analyze the success of your Eid marketing efforts. A post-feast analysis is an integral part of digital marketing that can provide valuable insights for future campaigns. Use the tools on platforms like LinkedIn and other social media sites to measure the reach and engagement of your posts. Look at e-commerce sales data to understand what products were popular during this period. Evaluate the performance of your advertising campaigns, noting which elements resonated with your audience. Did the use of certain fonts or graphic design elements in your social media marketing materials lead to more engagement? Did collaborating with influencers increase brand awareness or increase sales? Collecting and analyzing this data will allow you to improve your strategies for the upcoming feast.


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