What is image marketing

Written by Azza Hawash

What is image marketing?

It is a marketing technique at the heart of the process of changing the evolution of digital marketing. As image now takes a major role in the ecosystem on the Internet and depends on the use of product images in promotion and marketing. The use of images was important in traditional marketing methods, but it has become more important in digital marketing due to the large number of images circulated on social media by institutions for their brands and by people as well so that some brands appear in their personal images.

Image promotion strategy is today a great advantage to generate additional features on websites and social networks to develop interactions, engagement, image, and conversion providing the ability to create attractive visuals.

The importance of image marketing

Image Marketing is one of the most important digital marketing strategies that rely on the use of images as a means of marketing services or products, and through it, it is possible to target a specific category of customers.

Pictures have the ability to convey ideas and emotion in a way that words sometimes lack, and they also draw the customer to know more details about the product or service better than text that might be ignored.

Image marketing enhances corporate branding, builds relationships with more customers, and achieves high competitiveness.

Types of images used in marketing

The type of images used depends on the type of work of the organization, including:

  1. Product Pictures show the product in a beautiful and accurate way.
  2. Lifestyle Images These images show how the product is used in everyday life, which attracts customers to experience the use of the product in their personal lives.
  3. Infographics break down information into simple pictures, making your organization appear more professional.
  4. Pictures within the work: If the work includes involvement in the community, which gives a personal character to the brand, and encourages users to interact.
  5. Memes images Through this type of images, the way the business idea can be communicated and promoted.
  6. Ready-made images: They are images available on the Internet, details can be added to them, and they are a good option for businesses with a limited budget.

How to use images in marketing

Images have a place in almost every aspect of your promotional strategies.

Use it on social media

Social media is definitely a photo-heavy medium. Networks like Instagram and Snapchat practically require photos. But Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others also benefit greatly from the use of images and visuals.

Whether you’re posting a photo to your timeline or updating your account with new cover and profile photos, each network recommends certain photo dimensions. Sizing images for use on social media is important because incorrect dimensions can get in the way of other images or cause your posts to drop in quality – and therefore not as interesting to your audience.


Your customers receive tons of emails every day. If they choose to open your letter, you want them to read it.

Whether you’re sharing product photography, branded images, or fun GIFs, sending emails with images can keep readers engaged, interested, and better informed about the purpose of your email.

Blog posts

Blog posts and articles are usually text-centric marketing efforts. But that doesn’t mean they – and your readers – won’t benefit from some of your photos. When added to your content, images can illustrate your topics, engage your readers, and spice up a long piece of text.

Blog post images can be infographics, illustrations, screenshots, or product images and any blog post cover images (the image shown at the top of the post and with the post summary) must represent the purpose of the content.

Products pictures

As we said above, product images can help consumers choose and buy your products – or convince them to do the opposite. Consider investing in professional quality product photography or use your best camera tools. If your product is digital, such as a software or web application, include plenty of screenshots and animated GIFs to show what your product looks like after purchase.


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