What is after web designing?

Written by Azza Hawash

What is after web designing?

Now that you have finished designing your website, there are some important steps that you must be sure to complete and follow up on a regular basis, and the reason for this is that every day there are new applications and new policies that force you to continue improving and updating your site until your ranking rises in the search engine you use or In a more correct sense, which is used by your customer.

The first step after designing websites

The first step is defining the tags, they must be chosen carefully after studying the market, studying the customer, and studying the competitors, and there are many tools that facilitate the process of defining the tags, they must be read and applied carefully, it is certain that the women’s clothing site will not be useful for him that most of its visitors are men, it is useful to rely in your choice of keywords on the commercial identification studies that you conducted before designing your websites, mentioning the strengths within the keywords is useful for building a distinctive site.


The second step after web design

The second step is to write the content, using the collected keywords, you start by identifying the topics and writing them on the site, and certainly, the availability of an easy-to-handle control panel will be useful for the speed of completing the work accurately and in a short time, care must be taken when writing the content that we diversify it between several types of content according to your customer and their interests.


The third step after designing websites

Optimizing websites to appear on the first page of search engines is the third and longest step, as care must be taken to provide many specifications on the website so that the search engine can raise the site’s ranking to a higher rank.

  • Presence of meta tags for each page of your site.
  • Having alt tags for every image on the site.
  • There is an appropriate description for each image.
  • There is a site map.
  • The presence of links between web pages.
  • Building backlinks to your site on external sites.

There are also many other specifications that require an expert to perform in order to be done correctly, and because search engines are constantly developing in their services, these specifications are constantly updated, they must always be taken care of and followed up.


The fourth step is to analyze and monitor the performance of your website

You must monitor your site, observe the opinions of your customers, and perform the necessary tests to find out which solutions are most appropriate for your customer and the most attractive to interact, follow up on complaints and ensure their resolution, and provide choices that prevent their recurrence.


Finally: Your site is suitable for all types of phones

The design of websites should be commensurate with the phone user, as studies have proven that the number of phone users to browse websites is constantly increasing. The necessary technology must be available to achieve an easy experience for that in terms of site speed. Studies have proven that the customer who suffers from slow opening the link exits before completing Practicality, image size and font should be compatible with different types of mobile devices, ease of navigation between pages, and easy access to the contact or checkout page.


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