The effect of colors on brand identity design

Written by Azza Hawash

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The effect of colors on brand identity design

If you want to design your brand identity uniquely and attract the attention of your target audience. It is very useful and even necessary to know the connotations of colors, their psychological impact, and the messages they carry.

Psychological studies have proven that colors have an innate effect on individuals and groups. Color is a very important element in the process of building a commercial identity, and it may be the difference factor in the success of companies.

Brand identity colors are one way to represent and advertise your company’s identity. The purpose of color is to make the consumer perceive and distinguish the company through its colors.


Read from here the steps to design a distinctive brand identity.


How to choose the right color when designing a brand identity

The process of choosing the right color for a business identity is a means of communicating non-verbal messages to the target audience. It attracts them towards certain behavior, as color is a non-verbal tool for communication.

If you are a business owner, be careful in choosing the color that suits your project, away from personal preferences.

Think carefully about the appropriate colors and the meanings behind the color.

The connotations of colors in brand identity design

Each color symbolizes a specific meaning that is different from the other color, and the following is an explanation of the connotations of some of the colors:


This color refers to many signs, it symbolizes love, strength, and passion. On the other hand, it may express anger, danger, or violence. It is a distinctive color that may symbolize pride, and some countries usually use it in their flags.


It is a cheerful color that indicates happiness, optimism, joy, and friendship. The color of the warm sun, but may express jealousy, illness, and danger. It should also be noted that it is a childish color for some, and should be used with care. Because it is very unstable and spontaneous, it can be mixed with black to form a striking and dangerous signal.


This color indicates the strength, calm, wisdom, intelligence, and comfort. It is notably used in hospitals and airlines. It can also be used in designs related to water, air, or sea. But it is not recommended for use in food designs, as it curbs the appetite. It is also a male color as it is commonly used to refer to male births.


It is a combination that combines the power of blue and yellow and is associated with growth, health, and youth. It is the color of nature and the environment and symbolizes safety for some, and material stability for others. Therefore, it is a comfortable color, used to design goods for the environment, food, medicine, and others.


It is a mixture of red and yellow and indicates energy, enthusiasm, happiness, and creativity. It is a warm color, which enhances appetite when used to indicate food, and excitement when used to promote games.


It is a strong and dominant color that has been used since ancient times to express evil in stories and tales. Or death and mourning, and is usually symbolized by enemies and villains as well. But it is actually a distinctive color that has been used in fashion and fashion in an interesting way today.


This color carries a friendly nature and symbolizes romance and love. It is a feminine color that indicates softness, tenderness, and kindness. It is also comfortable for the viewer as it is attractive and soft.


This color indicates purity, kindness, innocence, and cleanliness. You must use it in the right way, as it can indicate coldness and sterilization at times. Kindness, classicism, and purity, which made it a dress for the bride at her wedding as a style recognized in weddings since ancient times.


This color is a mystery, and is known to be imaginary, and is associated with wealth and kingship, as it was in the past an essential part in the designs of the clothes of kings, important and well-known personalities.


Ideas to design brand identity

Color wheel

الهوية التجارية

The color wheel is a resource for choosing colors. They are the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow). Then combine them to produce secondary colors – 12 colors – and also combine secondary colors to result in a third level of the color wheel. This wheel is the simplest way to choose colors. It’s an easy visual way to understand the relationship of colors to each other and pick out shades that are close to or opposite each other.


Ideas inspired by natural colors

الهوية التجارية

Plus the color combinations found on the color wheel. Nature is an endless source of inspiration for harmonious colors that have a psychological impact and the ability to excite or calm down. The feeling of strength or weakness has great potential in the world of design. For example, if you are the owner of a flower shop, you can build your business identity on the beautiful colors of natural flowers.


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