The difference between flyer and brochure and their advantages

Written by Azza Hawash

The difference between flyer and brochure and their advantages

flyer and brochure

Many people confuse flyers and brochures, although they are similar, each one is designed for different purposes. If you too are having difficulty knowing the difference between Flyer and Brochure then this article will be useful for you to know when to use each.


A flyer or flyer is a single sheet of paper, usually of A4 size, ie 210mm x 297mm. It is used for marketing on a small scale, as it is given to people in a specific area at random, and it is also the cheapest way to deliver information to the largest number of people.

The main goal of Flyer is to provide a small amount of information in a short period of time and at the lowest cost, for this you should use strong titles that attract the attention of the reader to continue reading the newsletter and the message should also be brief and concise. Flyers are usually used to advertise:

  • events
  • Concerts
  • Products
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Editorials

What are the types of flyers?

There are many types of flyers that we find every day in our hands, but we do not distinguish the basic difference between them, and below we know what are the types of flyers:

Flyer Offers: It is for restaurants, stores, and other establishments to advertise a product or price list, and so on.
Invitation Flyer: It is an invitation for a person to attend any event such as the opening of a place.
Event Flyer: This flyer is designed to tell the invitees some information about a specific occasion, such as the date and paragraphs of a party.
Advertising Flyer: It is designed to help the owner of any project to advertise his project.


A brochure or brochure is generally a standard-sized sheet of paper that is double-folded, that is, folded twice, giving us four places to place the message, or it may be triple-folded, that is, folded three times, so that you get six places to place your message.

Brochure is known to be more expensive to print, as you can often find it at trade shows as well as on bank shelves and doctors’ offices. So only take it from people who are interested to know more about the product.

The goal of Brochure is to give the reader all the information about your product or service before they buy. All people want to know where you will put their money and build trust between your customer because you will show him everything you offer after the purchase.

Different types of brochures

The brochure is divided into several types as follows:

  • One-sheet brochure: that is, it consists of a page without folds, whether in the form of a square or a rectangle.
  • Bi-fold brochure: It is one sheet of paper, but it is folded into two equal halves, giving you four sides to advertise a product.
  • Triangular brochures: This type is suitable for companies when presenting many products that need space.

In conclusion

Flyer and brochure are both necessary and one cannot be preferred over the other. To target a small range with a small amount of information, Flyer must be used. If you want to gain the customer’s trust before buying your product or services, you must resort to Brochure. Learn more with Sponsorship print service.


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