Steps to perfection field marketing

Written by Azza Hawash

Steps to Perfection Field Marketing

Perfection Field Marketing

Perfection field marketing is characterized by building a direct, face-to-face relationship with customers. How can field marketing be mastered? What are the tools that will improve performance and move your project and business forward?

What is field marketing?

Field marketing is a branch of marketing activities, where specialists move to specific sites and places such as markets, major stores, street storefronts, and gathering places such as universities and schools.

The field marketing campaign can also be specific to a public occasion or event, such as sales fairs, or health and civic awareness days. It targets customers interested in the product or project for two main goals.

Objectives of mastering field marketing

  • Raising awareness of the brand or business activity
  • Increasing sales through the direct and tangible introduction of products

The importance of field marketing

Field marketing plays an important role in modern marketing strategies. Through direct engagement with consumers and potential customers in various locations. Such as seasonal events, retail stores, or public places. Its importance can be summarized as follows:

  • It enables face-to-face interactions with customers, allowing for personal communication and relationship building, helps create trust and loyalty, and improves the overall brand image.
  • Reaching specific, targeted audiences effectively, by being physically present in places where target customers are likely to be located.
  • Field marketing provides an opportunity to demonstrate and educate customers about products or services. This hands-on experience can allow customers to get a clearer picture of the product and understand its value and benefits, which increases the likelihood of increasing sales.
  • Conduct market research and gather valuable insights about the market, feedback, and customer preferences. This information can help improve marketing strategies, decision-making and overall business product development.
  • The ability to stand out from competitors and create memorable brand experiences, through a well-executed field marketing campaign, directly engaging with customers and meeting their needs.
  • Track and measure field marketing campaigns to evaluate their effectiveness. Metrics such as sales, lead generation, customer feedback, and brand perception can provide valuable insights into the return on investment (ROI) of your field marketing efforts.

Field marketing team

If you want to master field marketing and apply it successfully, this must be done within a coordinated work team and a collective spirit in which tasks are completed. This is because marketing requires different skills, starting with the idea of ​​the content or marketing campaign, and the appropriate marketing methods for each site and target group of customers. The field marketing team consists mainly of:

Brand Ambassador

It is considered the representative face of the brand, to the extent that the product or product package is strongly associated with this face. This can be seen when some celebrities, including actors, athletes, and even social media celebrities, commit to representing one of the perfume brands, luxury watches, or international clothing brands. Thanks to his fame, the ambassador can raise brand awareness among target viewers and customers, motivate them, and direct their behavior towards consumption.

Brand manager

That is, the leader of the marketing team who is responsible for planning marketing campaigns to build a good reputation for the company and its products. The manager assigns the tasks required in each marketing campaign and divides them among the members according to the specialization and capabilities of each of them.

Field marketing representative

The field marketing representative is the element that transfers the strategic marketing content to the application. He is the member who moves to the site of the marketing campaign. Whether in the market, major stores, or exhibition halls during events and awareness events. The field marketing representative’s mission is to meet the public and introduce them to the product and brand. Listening to their questions and inquiries and removing any fears that may appear to them that are preventing them from trying the product and purchasing it.

Street team representative

The duties of a street team representative may seem similar to a field marketing representative because they both work outside of the office for a longer period. However, the fundamental difference is that the representative is involved in specific events and campaigns. While the street team and its representatives work on clients in a more spontaneous way everywhere and at all times. The street team representative is responsible for introducing the product and the brand through oral promotion and advertising and distributing posters and brochures. It can also undertake the task of directly promoting the product. By allowing the broad public to try the product and see how it works or how effective it is, in addition to organizing smaller, more influential events.


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