Seven secrets to make your online store at the forefront

Written by Azza Hawash

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Seven secrets to make your online store at the forefront

In light of technological development, and the entry of electronic commerce in constant competition. Having your own online store has become a must. To improve your business and increase your profits. As the culture of online purchasing has increased within our Arab world, and many people have tended to establish online stores. And the presence of such a large number of stores, which created very strong competition. Certainly, there are many other stores that offer the same products that you offer through your online store. Since sales depend on the customer’s choice of the store they prefer to deal with. Of course, this preference does not happen randomly, but because there are several factors that pushed it to deal with a particular store, so progress in competition is very important in order to attract customers to your online store.

There are a lot of ways that major online stores rely on. Which have become strong brands in the market at the present time, and those ways that you can also rely on to lead your store towards success and excellence. Now, here are the most effective ways:

Analyze your online store’s competitors

One of the most important and first ways that you must start in order to ensure the success of your online store and its superiority over all the competing online stores in the market is to start analyzing the competitors. Also, know the prices available to them well, and this is what makes you able to know the most prominent strengths that distinguish them and that make them achieve these great successes. Also, you will be able to identify the most prominent weaknesses that they suffer from, and that you can start working on them through your store. In order to make the weaknesses of your competitors the strengths of your online store, in addition, this analysis will make you familiar with the strategies and methods that are followed by your competitors. Giving you the advantage of saving time and starting from where you are.

Provide professional customer service

In order to make your store outperform all its competitors in the market, your online store must have professional customer service capable of helping all customers who deal with your store in all the problems they face, as there are many customers who decide to leave the online stores and not return to them again because of Customer service that did not deal with them professionally and did not provide them with amenities within the store. This is what makes them decide to go to competing stores. So try to take care of the customer service of your online store and make it able to receive all inquiries all the time. It also has the ability to contain the customer and provide everything he is looking for with ease.

Your online store has competitive prices

Now in order to make your online store outperform all its competitors. you will need to provide competitive prices that outperform all your competitors. This is what makes you able to make more sales than usual and also make a profit in addition to that you will attract a lot of store customers. Electronic competition for you to deal with your store. And buying products through you, because you offer prices that are not available to competitors and are considered a valuable opportunity for many customers.

But while offering these prices try as much as possible to be realistic and not exaggerate, as it is possible that you will not make any sales after placing the discounts in an extreme. Because these prices are very low and raise a feeling of suspicion among customers, and this is what causes you to suffer losses and not make any sales, so be realistic in discounts so that you can attract users and also achieve sales.

Rewarding distinguished clients

Try from time to time to offer many rewards to the most interactive customers within your online store. And most customers achieve to buy, and these rewards are like offering them deep discounts and strong offers from time to time and announcing this on a continuous basis. This will make new customers attracted towards dealing with your online store because you reward your distinguished customers from time to time. From here they will start By purchasing all the time with the aim of becoming distinguished customers and getting the best rewards and offers all the time, and this is what makes you outperform all the online stores that compete with you in the market.

Install contests

And now that you have acquired new customers and attracted them to deal with your online store. You will need to do contests on a regular basis. The prizes for these contests can be to get some products at a huge discount from the store or for free. This is what makes customers interact all the time through these competitions. Even refer those close to them to enter these competitions. This enables you to gain a lot of new customers in addition to the ones you already acquired. And from us, you will achieve sales in a way that outperforms all competitors.

Run a wide marketing campaign

Now you will need to make a professional marketing campaign on a large scale. These campaigns should include many powerful ideas that your competitors do not have. This is what makes you gain new customers and achieve more sales. Make sure that the more professional the marketing campaign you will undertake. The more you will achieve many of your goals and even more, and make this campaign professionally.

Configure your online store to reach the researcher

You should know the keywords that researchers use to search for your products. So you will need to use a tool from Google Keyword planner. To get reports on the volume of searches made on Google in the countries you target for keywords related to your products. And determine which words are the most searched for, as well as improve your online store’s ranking in search engines. Know your ranking in the keywords and to obtain search results that are not related to your personal search history.

And also take care of the content, add the main categories and contents and display clear images.


To start competing, and entering the world of electronic stores, you can now communicate with sponsorship and ordering your online store.


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