Secrets you never tell your competitors

Written by Azza Hawash

Secrets you never tell your competitors

Secrets you don’t tell your competitors that help you find customers for your brand, gain their loyalty, and help you keep them.

Define a clear picture of your customer

Always remember that you cannot market to everyone, so you must have a clear picture of your target customer, so start by defining a hypothetical identity for your customer, for example, the customer’s gender, age, marital status, income level, and education level. Define that virtual identity and you will have a clear picture of your customer.

People are everywhere, locate your customers

Yes, people are everywhere in their homes, on the street, in a café, or they practice sports in a club, or in schools, universities, or in governmental or private institutions or departments in which they work. Simply put, people are everywhere, start by locating your customers, where exist. And always be near them.

Connect with your target customer

You have now known your target customer, and start communicating with them using many different methods and means. Send them an e-mail, call them, or communicate with them on social networking sites. It is always important to develop communication with your customers, as we have noticed in many companies. For example, send a card Electronic or postal congratulations to a customer on his birthday or wedding day. Make sure that the customer greatly appreciates this gesture.

Connect with complementary service providers for your product

One of the secrets is that most products or services have complementary products or services, and we mean here, for example, if you sell a coffee bean product (coffee), then you have to communicate and establish friendships with complementary service providers, for example, places that sell coffee machines. They are not your competitors, approach them. Contact them and tell them about your product.

Present your product in an appropriate manner

You don’t have to just present the product to the customer and stick to it. Rather, everything that goes on in the process of marketing and selling the product must be taken into account. Starting from the customer choosing the product, packaging it, and paying for it, to delivering it to the customer. This is to satisfy the aspirations of the customer and make sure that the largest percentage of customers always desire perfection in everything. From the quality of the wrapping paper, the method of payment, product delivery, and maintenance, to the smile of the salesperson.

Offer promotions that satisfy your customer’s ambition

The idea of presenting promotional offers, although old, is still very desirable to customers. And if you take a small tour of a shopping center, a market, or even a supermarket near you. You will find a lot of promotions on everything from clothes and shoes to food and much more. When preparing to present your promotional offer, always remember that your customer understands the value of your product. That is, he knows the price, so do not let him down by making an offer that is not worth mentioning. Pay close attention to this, as many companies, when preparing a promotion, simply ignore the intelligence of their current customer. Heading to a new client that you want to attract, you will lose the most important client to it.

Surprise your customers that you always have more

When providing a product or service, the customer, although he is fully aware of the value of this product and pays money for it. Always wants more. For example, he expects excellent after-sales service from you. If your project is a restaurant and a customer requests a specific meal, he appreciates It is very important. For example, you served the meal with a luxurious dish, or with a free glass of ice water.. (more) is your motto to outperform your competitors, achieve the ambitions of your customers, and even guarantee their future loyalty.

This is a group of the most important secrets of excellence in all areas of business in general, which guarantee your distinction faster.


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