Mistakes to avoid when creating digital content

Written by Azza Hawash

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Mistakes to avoid when creating digital content

What is the digital content

Creating digital content is the most important step in entering the world of electronic business. Digital content is the message that can be delivered to the recipient via the Internet in any way through a variety of words, pictures, and several other types that you can learn from this article.

Content became famous in its current form only after Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, famously said, “Content is king.” This was in an article he wrote in 1996 and published on the company’s website at the time, in which he predicted that the digital content dedicated to the Internet would compete with that issued by TV channels and stations in terms of revenue and rapid spread, which is what happened later!

Errors when creating digital content

Non-strategic actions

It is not enough for the success of your business, whether on a website, or an online store. That you put content every day, or in several topics. Without studying the market from customers and competitors. Develop a strategy to determine the type of content your business needs, when to publish it, and coordinate colors and designs. This will be a wasted effort, without any benefit, and may even have a negative impact. Which drives your audience to get out of your accounts and away from them.

Strategy without implementation

Implementing a well-thought-out strategy is not easy. Follow up on the plan, analyze the results and study the impact. Developing improvements and alternative plans is very important to the continuation of the process of creating unique and interactive digital content.

Focus on one type of content, which is the blog

There are many types of content, and to determine the best type for your business, you must understand your audience. Determine the message you want to deliver to them. The location of the message is also very important. The audience that prefers to use Instagram is different from the audience on YouTube, and therefore the content will differ.

Password: study your audience well

Ignorance of followers and their needs, and thus providing content that does not suit them

As we mentioned earlier, creating digital content always depends on who you want your message to reach. Study your followers well, their needs and interests. Make your post an answer to a question they have and you’ll find that your content is going viral.

Focus on search engines only

Optimizing your site or store to be compatible with search engines is very important to improving your business results. Especially since most customers search for the product or service on search engines first. But social media remains an important channel to connect with your customers. Go to them where they are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter. And create the right content for this platform. And start making profits.


Visual content is everyone’s favorite

While you can’t give up on written content entirely, words alone are not enough. Because Internet users are visual consumers. They rate the quality of digital content by how easy it is to absorb them.

Pictures, graphs, and videos are all ways to make it easier for people to consume your content without having to read a lot of text. In fact, this could be the key to finding a balance between the lengthy content that Google prefers and the shorter content that mobile users want – to write longer content segmented with images and visual information.

Studies have shown that content with engaging visual elements consistently outperforms text-only digital content.

Not all visuals are of high quality, so it’s important to keep some details in mind when finding and using visuals. Before including any content in your content, make sure that it:

Relevant to your content and text.
aesthetic elements.
to be shareable.
Unique content that is not copied or duplicated.
Technically correct and up-to-date information.


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