Marketing Strategies for Restaurants through Print Advertising

Written by Azza Hawash

Marketing Strategies for Restaurants through Print Advertising

Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

While technology has become an integral part of marketing strategies for restaurants in recent years, the importance of using print marketing cannot be denied as a part of a restaurant’s marketing strategy. Print advertisements are still considered one of the preferred and effective methods that customers respond well to. Therefore, if you want to improve your restaurant’s marketing strategy, you should integrate both advanced and traditional marketing methods.

Traditional marketing for restaurants still holds a strong influence, especially when targeting the local audience. Many customers still respond better to traditional restaurant advertisements than digital ones. Additionally, some restaurant owners may not be adept at easily utilizing modern technology. Therefore, in some cases, traditional methods remain the best for marketing restaurants, both for restaurant owners and local customers.

Some forms of traditional marketing for restaurants include print advertisements such as brochures, posters, outdoor signs, direct mail, business cards, menu boards, and photographs. If you want to enhance your marketing efforts for your restaurant, you should incorporate various types of print advertisements into your marketing strategy. Don’t forget to choose specialists in print advertising to achieve the best results for your advertising campaign.

Forms of Marketing Strategies for Restaurants Using Print Advertising:

Restaurant Signage:

Restaurant signage, both interior and exterior, is an essential element of print marketing strategy. It contributes to increasing sales of items inside the restaurant by displaying daily specials or enticing food images. They can also be used to attract passersby and increase awareness of the restaurant’s presence.

Local Magazines and Newspapers:

Advertising in local magazines and newspapers can be effective in targeting the local audience. You can place ads about your restaurant in local magazines that cater to your target audience. The ads should be attractive and feature enticing images of your meals and special offers.

Brochures and Flyers:

You can design and print brochures and flyers that promote your restaurant and showcase your menu and special offers. They can be distributed in the areas surrounding the restaurant or placed at the customer reception area to grab their attention and pique their curiosity.

Direct Mail:

You can use direct mail to send special offers and discount coupons to potential customers. Build a database of addresses and names, and regularly send out offers specific to your restaurant to increase awareness and drive customer traffic.

Promotional Cards and Coupons:

Rely on promotional cards and coupons to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to return. You can distribute promotional cards in the areas surrounding the restaurant or include them with orders to incentivize customers to come back and take advantage of special offers.


Utilize billboards in high-visibility and high-traffic areas to promote your restaurant. Billboards can be placed on highways or in commercial districts and busy areas. Ensure that the billboards have clear and enticing information, such as food images and special offers.

Brochures and Flyers:

Restaurant brochures are typically used to achieve various purposes, such as promoting special offers to your current restaurant visitors or those in proximity to your location. Additionally, placing advertising flyers that highlight your special menus or discounts on car windshields is another use of flyers to advertise your restaurant. They are particularly valuable and cost-effective assets for your restaurant marketing strategy as they are quick to print and inexpensive to reproduce.

Brochures are similar to flyers in terms of purpose and showcasing special offers, but they are often printed in high-quality copies and include more information about your business and special events. Brochures are ideal for distribution at hotels and local tourist attractions to capture the attention of tourists who are looking for a local dining experience.

Business Cards:

Business cards are a classic and simple display method that is typically used for distribution to vendors, sales representatives, and suppliers. They can also be placed next to the cash register for customers to take one when they leave the restaurant. Each time customers see your business card in their wallet or elsewhere. They may consider visiting your restaurant for a meal.

Magnetic Flyers:

One overlooked tool in print marketing is using magnets to promote restaurants. They are typically printed with your company’s contact information and are rarely discarded. They are often placed on refrigerators, filing cabinets, and desk drawers.


Stickers can be used in various forms as a restaurant marketing tool. They can be added to menus to advertise popular food and beverage items. Stickers can also be used to promote the restaurant while on the go. Additionally, they can be used on packaged meals, cups, and paper bags to distinguish takeout orders.

Remember that restaurant marketing strategies need to be diverse and constantly adapted. Track the results and measure the effectiveness of the print advertisements you use to identify the most successful tactics and adjust your strategy accordingly.


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