The lowest price for printing promotional materials in Saudi Arabia:

Written by Azza Hawash

How to get the lowest price for printing promotional materials in Saudi Arabia:

promotional materials in Saudi Arabia

To get the lowest price for printing promotional materials in Saudi Arabia, follow the instructions:

  • Compare prices: Conduct research and compare prices among several printing companies in Saudi Arabia. Inquire about their prices and the services they offer. You can use online resources to find a list of companies specializing in printing promotional materials and compare them.
  • Request quotes: Request detailed price quotes from different companies. Specify the specifications of the promotional materials you need, such as size, paper type, and special finishes. Send quote requests to the companies and wait to receive their offers.
  • Negotiate: After receiving the quotes, you may find differences in prices. Negotiate with the companies and inquire if there is a possibility of getting a better price. Good negotiation skills may enable you to achieve additional savings.
  • Bulk quantities: If you have a large order for promotional materials, you may be able to negotiate a better price. Printing companies usually offer discounts for large orders due to economies of scale.
  • Quality and delivery: Don’t solely focus on prices, but also consider the quality of work and delivery times. You may find that a company offers a slightly higher price but provides high quality and commits to timely delivery, which can be an added value to the service.
  • Communication and negotiation: Contact different companies and communicate with them directly. Ask your questions and request the necessary details. You may find that direct communication contributes to obtaining a better price or special offers.
  • It’s good to search for customer ratings and reviews for different companies to get a better understanding of the quality of their services. You may also find recommendations from people who have previously printed promotional materials.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of getting the lowest price for printing promotional materials in Saudi Arabia. Remember that quality and the provided service also play an important role in making the final decision.

Types of promotional prints in Saudi Arabia:

There are several different types of promotional prints, and here are some common types of promotional prints in Saudi Arabia. The appropriate type can be chosen based on the desired purpose and the message to be conveyed to the target audience. Here is a brief explanation of some common types:

Brochures & Booklets:

Brochure: A small folded document that contains brief information about a specific product or service. Brochures are usually used at trade shows and public events to attract the attention of potential customers.

Booklet: A folded document that contains multiple pages, providing detailed information about a specific product or service. Booklets are typically used to present comprehensive and detailed information to customers.

Business Cards & Personal Cards:

Personal Card: A printed document that carries personal information such as the name and contact details of an individual. Personal cards are used for personal identification and exchanging contact information during social and professional events.

Business Card: A printed document that carries company or organization information along with the contact details of the person working in it. Business cards are used to introduce the company and exchange contact information with customers and business partners.


A large-sized printed document that carries an image or promotional message. Posters are used to promote a specific event, product, or convey a particular message prominently and creatively.


A small-sized printed document that carries concise and attractive information about a product, event, or service. Flyers are usually distributed by hand in public places, placed in mailboxes, or handed out at events to attract attention and encourage potential customers to take action.


A small-sized printed document that carries a beautiful image or design on the front side and space for writing on the back side. Postcards are used to send short and direct promotional messages to potential customers or to send greetings and congratulations to current customers.

Folders & Filing:

Folders: Printed documents designed to organize and store multiple documents and papers in one place. They are used to keep important documents organized and easily accessible.

Filing: Printed documents that carry the company’s logo or name and are used to present a collection of documents or presentations to customers and business partners. Filing contributes to highlighting the corporate identity and enhancing a professional impression.


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