How to survey polls after distributing publications

Written by Azza Hawash

How to survey polls after distributing publications

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Survey polls after distributing publications is a very important step in marketing. It determines what the next step is and what improvements need to be made.

There are several methods that can be used to survey customers after distributing publications, including:

Printed questionnaire:

  • Place a copy of the questionnaire inside each package or literature distributed.
  • Design the survey to include questions about content quality, ease of use, and any other feedback.
  • Ask customers to fill out the questionnaire and mail it or place it in a designated box.

Electronic questionnaire:

  • Create an online survey using tools like  Google Forms
  • Send the survey link to customers via email, post it on social media, or add a Qr code to your publications that takes them to the survey.
  • This method provides an easy and quick way to collect customer responses.

Phone calls:

  • Contact a sample of customers and conduct short interviews with them to gain their opinions.
  • Focus on getting detailed comments and feedback to improve future publications.

Discussion sessions:

  • Organize focus discussions with small groups of clients.
  • Discuss with them their experience with publications and ask them for suggestions and opinions.
  • This method allows for deep and interactive insights.

Notes on social sites:

  • Monitor customer responses and comments on publication-related posts on social media sites.
  • These observations can reveal valuable trends and feedback.

Notes on the website:

  • Place a short feedback form or questionnaire on your website.
  • Monitor customer comments and inquiries regarding publications.

Personal interviews:

  • Choose a sample of important customers and conduct personal interviews with them.
  • Use this method to get detailed, in-depth feedback.

Sales and Service Feedback:

  • Listen to your sales and service team’s feedback on customer feedback.
  • This information may be useful in improving publications.

Social media monitoring:

  • Use social media monitoring tools to track discussions and comments about publications.
  • This can give you insight into customer trends and reactions.

Loyalty and rewards programs:

  • Offer incentives to customers for participating in surveys.
  • This may increase the participation rate and quality of feedback.

Using these various methods, you will be able to gather valuable feedback from customers to improve future publications and better meet their needs.

Methods for analyzing customer survey polls on publications after they are distributed

There are some other ways to analyze customer reactions to literature after it has been distributed:

Text analysis:

  • Use text analysis tools to examine written comments and feedback from customers.
  • Find trending patterns and themes to learn customer sentiment and trends.

Behavioral data analysis:

  • Monitor data about print usage, such as download rates and the time customers spend reading them.
  • This data may give you insight into how engaged customers are.

Conduct in-depth interviews:

  • Choose a sample of customers and ask them open-ended questions to get detailed feedback.
  • This can help in understanding the real problems and needs of customers.

Customer case studies:

  • Analyze specific success or failure stories to understand how customers use your publications.
  • These case studies may reveal useful details.

Use follow-up questionnaires:

  • Distribute short questionnaires to customers after a period of time has passed using the literature.
  • This can help identify changes in customer opinions and experiences over the long term.

Using a combination of these analytical methods, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into how customers use and interact with your publications.

What are the best practices for designing publications to improve customer engagement?

There are some good practices for designing your publications to improve customer engagement:

Focus on useful and interesting content:

  • Conduct deep research to determine customer needs and interests.
  • Provide valuable and relevant information clearly and well-organized.

Design that is visually attractive and pleasing to the eye:

  • Use a clean, organized layout with appropriate use of photos and graphics.
  • Choose colors and fonts that fit the brand and appeal to customers.

Make publications easy to read and use:

  • Use appropriate font sizes and styles for ease of reading.
  • Divide the content into clear sections with useful headings.
  • Make navigation and key information clear and easy to access.

Add interactive and usable elements:

  • Insert forms, coupons, or links to more information.
  • Provide clear instructions for how to use the literature effectively.

Continuous testing and improvement:

  • Conduct user tests to evaluate the usability of publications.
  • Monitor customer feedback and make continuous improvements.

By following these good practices, you’ll be able to design attractive, effective publications that better engage customers and meet their needs.


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