How to prepare a professional field marketing plan

Written by Azza Hawash

How to prepare a professional field marketing plan

To overcome competitors, a field marketing plan must be prepared professionally. Where field marketing is the best type of marketing for companies that rely on constant communication with customers face to face.

Certainly, no company relies on one type of marketing in its course of action. Rather, there is a frequency, harmony, and involvement of several types of marketing to obtain better results. This is commensurate with the objectives, type of product, market conditions, and customer audience, as well as the capabilities and skills of the marketing team, which must be distinctive.

Field marketing activities

Certainly, field marketing activities are numerous and varied to mainly include the main specializations as follows:

  • The sales.
  • Promotion.
  • Audit.
  • Sampling and statement.
  • Experiential marketing, events, and promotions.

Certainly, all the aforementioned field marketing activities work either alone or in combination with each other in order to achieve the basic objectives of this marketing. This is in order to build the brand and then develop it and increase customer attraction and loyalty to it, achieve a real return on investment, and increase sales directly or indirectly. Therefore, the field marketing plan must be developed in a professional, integrated manner.

Sales activity in field marketing

Of course, sales activity is one of the most important basic field marketing activities, which takes place in high-intensity events, and the high demand by the target customer audience for that brand, product, or service. There is also a team specialized in this type of sales activity with experience and high efficiency in understanding the requirements of the audience who intends to buy. As well as matching it with the product and service to market and sell it quickly. In addition, sales may be outsourced to non-company external sources, mainly field marketing agencies while they spend their time on other core businesses.

Field marketing promotion

It is also one of the best and most important field marketing activities, as this activity includes the following:

  • Placement of marketing materials within the retail environment.
  • Developing the relationship between potential customers and sales outlets, especially retail.
  • Safe and quality storage of products and services.
  • Display products and services in a stunning attractive way and promote them in a clear and strong manner.
  • Rely on accurate performance metrics.
  • Evaluate the performance of the brand’s product or service within each outlet separately.

Field Marketing Audit

One of the most important field marketing activities is the audit activity, through which important information is provided about the position and position of the brand in the markets. This activity is useful in the following:

  • Determine the distribution of the brand in the markets and its competitors between stores and between the products offered by these stores as well.
  • Learn how to display products.
  • Determine actual stock levels.
  • Determine the size of requests and interfaces.
  • Preparing marketing strategies in general and field marketing strategies in particular.
  • Use special tools in real-time reporting.

Sampling and statement in field marketing

In particular, this field of marketing activity is considered the most effective and effective for the target customer audience and the most capable of increasing sales. Especially when the customer who is sampling and presenting the demo is a brand ambassador, trusted, influential, and known by the target audience. Thus, these ambassadors can directly influence sales through their direct influence on customers’ opinions, showing the brand in the best light, advising them to acquire it, and continuing discussion with them at the level of their social circle.

Experimental marketing in field marketing

Specifically, this activity builds an emotional relationship and direct sensory interaction between customers and the brand. For this reason, it is considered the most influential field marketing activity in purchasing decisions and customer opinions to increase sales. Especially since field marketing in itself represents a direct and interactive marketing system. Therefore, the use of events and promotions here leads to the creation of an emotional relationship between the customer and the brand, or one of its products or services; Because it is an activity synonymous with entertainment, participation, and excitement, thus achieving a direct increase in sales.

How to prepare a professional field marketing plan to beat competitors

A professional field marketing plan can be prepared to overcome competitors according to the following steps:

Set SMART goals

The first step is to develop a field marketing plan, and some considerations must be taken into account in these objectives when formulating and defining them in order to give the desired results. It is also necessary to specify a time period for measurement, and for the goals to be clear, objective, implementable, and appropriate to the general goals and capabilities of your marketing team.

Study the target customer audience

When developing a field marketing plan, it is necessary to conduct market research and conduct in-depth and accurate interviews with some potential customers to determine who are the customers. What are their desires and tastes? What is the motive behind buying the product and the brand?

Planning and implementation

This step is considered important in developing a field marketing plan. It is represented by determining how to reach the marketing objectives. And how and how to implement them in line with the general objectives of the company.

Follow account-based marketing

It is the most important step for developing a field marketing plan. Especially for companies that target important customers who buy large quantities of the product. It will also be a successful deal for it by increasing sales through only one customer.

Use modern technology and techniques

As it contributes to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the field marketing team’s performance and facilitating their tasks. Especially the reporting programs. Of course, this requires matching the skills of the marketing team with modern tools and technologies to produce the desired results.

Improve and develop the marketing strategy

It is the final step to developing a field marketing plan. This will be done after completing it, evaluating its performance, and identifying achieved and unrealized goals. Then analyze the data to find out what is right and wrong, correct and avoid errors, and enhance strengths.


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