How to create an effective field marketing strategy

Written by Azza Hawash

How to create an effective field marketing strategy

field marketing strategy

You might have some queries in mind about how to create an effective field marketing strategy. What are the steps to creating a successful field marketing strategy?

Set SMART goals

The step of setting goals is one of the most important steps that you must prepare carefully when creating a field marketing strategy, but these marketing goals must include some necessary considerations in order for them to be more focused and actually achievable.

This step requires formulating and defining objectives correctly. Marketing objectives must be executable, measurable, clear, and specific. The time period during which these objectives are supposed to be achieved must also be determined. If you set unclear objectives, your marketing plan will not succeed. It is very important that the objectives of the marketing strategy be The field plan is logical, reasonable, and appropriate to the capabilities of the marketing team so that you can implement it. Do not set goals that are outside your company’s capabilities or require modern technologies that are not available in your company’s arsenal.

In field marketing campaigns, there are multiple marketing objectives based on the company’s general objectives. Perhaps the objective of your field marketing campaign is to increase brand awareness, increase sales, expand your customer base, respond to customer inquiries, etc.

But the previous goals must be more clear, time-bound, and measurable, as we mentioned earlier. So, the goal of your field marketing campaign could be “Increase sales of a new product by 30% over 6 months through a guerrilla marketing campaign” or your goal might be “Distribute samples of a product to 5,000 customers during the month of August through a street marketing campaign.” Or “Increase awareness of the brand’s products by organizing 10 teleconferences within two months.”

Defining the buyer persona is the most important step in a successful field marketing strategy

Determining the buyer persona You need some marketing research that studies the target audience. The more specific your campaign is for the buyer persona, the more you can achieve your marketing goals. Conversely, if you make a mistake in defining the customer’s personality, you will not succeed in reaching him or convincing him to buy your product.

Creating a buyer persona also helps you focus on your real customers. Although it is a fictional character that embodies your ideal customer and summarizes the key characteristics of consumers who are likely to decide to buy your product or service, how do you define a typical customer persona?

A deep understanding of the customer’s personality requires careful study of the audience. This requires the marketing team to conduct in-depth meetings with a number of potential customers. Ask several questions about their education, where they live, their lives, their goals, the technologies they use, their identities, their ambitions, the challenges they face, and their need for your brand.

Planning and implementation

The planning and implementation process is one of the most important steps when creating your field marketing plan. Here you are looking for how you can achieve the marketing goals that you set for your campaign. Are you thinking about achieving your goals through webinars, or do you intend to participate in various events, or have you decided to pursue direct sales to customers? Here you also have to determine the approach or method that suits your goals and helps you achieve them effortlessly.

It is possible to use more than one method to implement the objectives of the field marketing campaign. For example: You can allow potential customers to take samples of your product to try it and ensure their satisfaction with it and their approval of it. If the reviews about the product are purposeful, positive, and reflect customer satisfaction, you can sell large quantities of your product to target customers.

Account-based marketing

In this step, you implement an account-based marketing approach. This is followed by many institutions, and through it companies target important customers in order to purchase huge quantities of products or services. Account-based marketing is a traditional marketing method that achieves impressive results, and it is used in contemporary marketing plans.

Account-based marketing is a big deal and is successful in companies that follow this approach. The company deals with the customer as one of its main major customers. It offers new products in order to increase sales and revenues through one lost customer. Therefore, it is important to conduct many marketing practices about this customer, such as marketing research, developing sales strategies, and collecting the necessary data to determine when to communicate with him, and how to deliver the marketing message to him.

Using modern technology and techniques to ensure a distinctive field marketing strategy

Providing the field marketing team with the appropriate modern technology and techniques is no less important than setting SMART goals. These digital technologies contribute to improving the efficiency of the marketing team. It also helps facilitate marketing tasks, especially when collecting and organizing data and preparing the necessary reports during the implementation of the marketing plan.

Technology has taken over all aspects of life and business and has become essential in the marketing process. It is indispensable in companies, including small ones. None of your marketing campaigns will work efficiently without the use of technology and modern techniques. Therefore, appropriate technological support for the field marketing team has become an urgent necessity to contribute to the success of marketing campaigns.

This requires you to choose a field marketing team that can handle technology and these digital tools. He is familiar with the most important tools and programs that help him in field marketing, such as customer relationship management (CRM) technology, which is also a strategy that provides an effective experience with current and potential customers. The company helps organize customer data and strengthen personal relationships with consumers.

Improve and develop your plan

You should determine ways to measure the results of your field marketing initiatives so that you can know which goals you have achieved and which you have not achieved. You must also have some important skills such as analyzing data and identifying the mistakes you made and the opportunities in front of you. After measuring and evaluating the results, you will be able to improve and develop your plan professionally by developing new alternatives and solutions aimed at achieving your major goals.


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