How do I design a complete visual identity?

Written by Azza Hawash

How do I design a complete visual identity?

Visual identity is the most important part of your branding, as it is intended to highlight your most important business values ​​and your competitive advantages.

The design of a distinctive visual identity includes logo design, fonts, images, and color.

These products are configured to be used in all places where the company logo is present, whether it is a website, uniform for workers, business cards, printed materials (brochures, reports, flyers, etc.), banners, product packaging.

It has become a complete visual identity design that goes beyond just designing a logo, but also creating a personality for your brand and giving it the voice that suits your customer.

Designing a distinctive visual identity carries many great benefits for any business, so global companies spend millions of dollars annually to work on developing and installing their visual identities with their customers.

Knowing who your customers are?

The first step to designing a distinct and successful visual identity is knowing who your audience is, what their gender, ages, educational level, interests, lifestyle, problems that they face, because knowing this makes it easier for you to design an identity that suits their tastes, and all of this helps you to define the elements of visual identity and language. And the terminology you will use.

Knowing your product:

Make sure you understand the nature of your product, what you sell, how you intend to promote it, how you will provide that product, what will change for our customers when we offer them the product, what improvements will we make in their lives using your product, what value you will provide to your target audience and distinguish you from your competitors … etc, This will help you create a visual identity according to those concepts.

Visual design

It is the last step to design a distinctive visual identity and this is done in the direction of designing the visual elements, based on the results that you reached from the previous step, and your brand values ​​should be applied to the visual elements, as it is a guide for customers in their perception of your brand, and the most important of which are:

Logo: The logo is the essence of the brand identity of any company, and it is a symbol, word, design or image that expresses your perception of your brand, and it is uniquely designed and by which the company is known among the rest of the other companies because the public associates your brand with the logo.

Fonts: It helps you connect your voice to the brand. The audience will know a lot about your brand through the font you choose. Make sure to choose a few fonts to use in your printed material.

Pictures, graphics, and symbols: It is important to use these elements correctly in the world of multimedia because they are more firmly entrenched in the mind of the consumer, while using these elements, make the visual identity of your company a constant pattern in all materials, whether printed or on the Internet.


Now you have finished designing your visual identity and based on your study of your audience, you can determine where your customer is, where you will put your visual identity to see it, is there on the various social media channels, is there in the street and malls, and it is better to combine the two if necessary. Your visual identity. You can print your identity on many advertising materials and distribute them wherever your customer is.


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