How can you use QR code in publications?

Written by Azza Hawash

How can you use QR code in publications?

استخدام QR code

Using a QR code in publications has a number of advantages, although it is not preferred by some people. But we must not overlook the advantages of publications that include QR codes. You can benefit from our team’s expertise in Sponsorship and a distinguished range of printing and distribution services.

Before printing the QR code

Direct users to accurate content

  • Before you print QR codes, think carefully about where you want to point your scanners.
  • This is important because it will be the basis for creating a call to action.
  • If the code leads to a PDF document, its CTA should be “Scan to view PDF file.”
  • Keep the user experience concise and straight to the point.
  • Since people will be using their smartphones to scan the code, its landing page should be mobile-friendly.
  • Also, make sure there is organized content for each code.

Customize your QR code with the Customize QR code visual generator

  • You can change the look of your QR code by adding your brand logo, colors, and choosing frames and eyes.
  • Using a custom code generator gives you an edge over competing brands for its unique look.
  • SVG is the best QR code for print format. This image format allows you to resize (reduce and enlarge) your QR without compromising its quality.

Don’t flip the colors of your QR codes

  • Inverted colors are one of the reasons why QR code scanners do not read.
  • When customizing, the background should always be lighter than the foreground.
  • Also, avoid using the same color for the background and foreground; Scanners won’t detect it either, and it will look weird when printed.

Add a call to action (CTA) to your code

Add an attractive CTA to encourage your audience to scan your code. Here are three things you should consider when creating a call to action:

  • You should inform scanners of the purpose of your QR code
  • It should be short and catchy for scanners to use
  • It should give a sense of urgency

You can use different CTAs, such as “Reveal the secret,” “Get a discount,” or “Take advantage now,” but make sure the CTAs match the intended purpose of the QR code.

Run a test scan first

  • You should first scan the QR code after customizing it to make sure it works or leads to the correct landing page.
  • You can use your device’s built-in scanner. You can install a third-party scanner app if you don’t have one.

Choose the correct format

  • Specific file format suitable for printed and digital QR codes.
  • The best code generator lets you choose between SVG and PNG formats.
  • If you intend to use your code to publish media, you can choose the PNG format.
  • But if you want to print your own code, SVG format is the best choice.
  • The SVG code image format allows you to resize or adjust the size of the code without compromising its quality, so it remains scannable after printing.

Find the right place to print QR codes

  • When placing a QR code on print media such as magazines, place it in the right place to ensure more user interaction.
  • Do not print your code between pages. Instead, put it on the front page or cover.
  • It allows your code to be visible and contributes to the overall design of the material.

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