Advantage of holidays and public events to increase your sales

Written by Azza Hawash

How to take advantage of holidays and public events to increase your sales

Holidays and public events are a golden opportunity to market their products. Sometimes, competition between corporate marketers is intense to attract the attention of the largest percentage of customers. This is done by presenting offers that capture their interest in order to achieve their marketing goals.

First: good marketing planning before holidays and public events

Make a marketing plan that includes some marketing offers that you intend to implement in the future, which coincide with holidays and official occasions.

Study the nature and behavior of your target audience well and surprise them with the best marketing ideas and offers that attract your customers and motivate them to try your products, or achieve other marketing goals such as widespread of your brand or acquiring new customers to expand your customer base and then increase sales rates.

Second: Choosing occasions to present offers

Maintain a bridge of trust and loyalty between you and your audience, and share with them their happy occasions and special moments by presenting real offers that attract them to buy your products or try your services.

Marketers sometimes resort to linking their product offerings with a specific memory to settle for a longer time in the mind of the target audience, such as choosing the opening day of the company or institution every year, an inspiring national occasion, or the victory of the national team.

Third: preparation and brainstorming

And here comes the role of creativity. Because a simple idea can be one of the reasons for your success in achieving a significant increase in sales and revenue, such as a noticeable change in the shape of your product, an innovatively implemented advertisement, or an irresistible tempting offer, so it is very important to conduct brainstorming sessions with The work team to try to produce a creative idea that serves the marketing objectives.

Fourth: Determine the most appropriate advertising platform for you

After you have determined the appropriate day and the advertising idea. It is the turn of the advertising platform that helps you to display and spread your advertising campaign in the best possible way. Whether you choose one of the social media platforms, advertising through Google search engine, television advertising, or even through newspapers, or distributing some publications or any other important advertising medium that is suitable for your target audience.

Fifth: Choose the appropriate marketing message

An important step is choosing the perfect congratulatory message for the general occasion. It is important for your message to be poetic and original because people prefer personalized and unique messages. You can write a simple message, containing a simple phrase such as “Eid Mubarak” in addition to other symbols associated with the occasion. You can also make a bigger effort, and have your message contain part of the words of one of the famous anthems for the occasion.

Sixth: Offering marketing discounts

Public events are the perfect season for giving gifts and marketing discounts. Offers and discounts are effective ways for all types of businesses and various sectors, regardless of the size of the company. Our advice to you is to prepare special offers for this time of year, and it is also better to spread it more on social media and send an email marketing campaign to make sure that your clients and customers are always informed.

Seventh: Take advantage of holidays and public events to develop your brand’s appearance

Celebrating important occasions is very special, which is why it is worth dedicating a special look to your campaign on your website and on social media as well. You can add a holiday template, for example, to your accounts on social media platforms and the home page of the site. Some companies design a special logo for the company on such occasions to celebrate them. You can work with your company’s design team to design an image for your profile and a cover image as well.

Eighth: competitions, challenges, and gifts

The marketing strategy through competitions is not only for the purpose of competition but rather an opportunity to create a beautiful atmosphere between your company and followers. In addition, it is an opportunity to attract more customers and increase interaction with you on social media. National events are the right time to run such competitions or giveaways and you will see interaction with your company or brand by the public as much as the rewards offered.

Ninth: Analysis after holidays and public events

Once the festivities are over, it is essential to analyze the success of your marketing efforts. The post-event analysis is an integral part of digital marketing that can provide valuable insights for future campaigns. Use the tools on platforms like LinkedIn and other social media sites to measure the reach and engagement of your posts. Look at e-commerce sales data to understand what products were popular during this period. Evaluate the performance of your advertising campaigns, noting which elements resonated with your audience. Did the use of certain fonts or graphic design elements in your social media marketing materials lead to more engagement? Did collaborating with influencers increase brand awareness or increase sales? Collecting and analyzing this data will allow you to improve your strategies next time.


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