Elements of creating sustainable digital content

Written by Azza Hawash

محتوى رقمي

Elements of creating sustainable digital content

The Arabic digital content industry has huge opportunities and potential for economic growth in the future. A study conducted by the Arab Media Forum showed that a large percentage of the Arab population, especially women, prefer Arabic content on the Internet.

Elements of the sustainability of any digital content

There are four important elements to creating sustainable Arabic digital content, which are relevance, quality, accessibility of content, and funding.


It is the approval of the target audience for the content, and it is directly related to the knowledge of consumer behavior, and the professionalism of reviewing topics.

the quality:

Reflected from the user experience and satisfaction, the higher the level of standards, technical capabilities, and attractiveness of the design; The interface was accepted, and the themes were credible; The characteristics were varied; The speed of updates, the higher the quality of the content. No matter how relevant the content is to the consumer’s desires, if it does not maintain a certain level of quality, it will not succeed.

Ease of access to content:

To facilitate the appearance of content and ways to access it, it is preferable to support it with continuous and multi-platform marketing campaigns.


One of the most important elements for achieving expected sustainability. Since strong funding and a successful financial plan are essential elements to ensure success, the success of any business model is directly related to the competence of those who build it.


The foundations of choosing a great digital content management company

To measure the efficiency of companies that provide digital content services to their customers, it must be ensured that they comply with international standards. This includes a desire to innovate; scientific curiosity; organized thinking; service quality; encouraging entrepreneurship; And respect deadlines.

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The importance of knowing your audience before creating effective digital content

Determining the audience is very important for any project in the world, as one of the biggest mistakes is trying to win over all groups, whether this project sells in-kind products or provides services of any kind via the Internet or in the real world.

“It’s not about who gets to use what you sell, it’s about choosing the customers you want to serve,” says Seth Godin. That is, you don’t create content and wait for anyone to read it. Instead, you need to identify a group of people and then create content that solves their problem. .

Simply, we can define the target audience as the group of people for whom you manufacture your products and services. They are also called “target market” or “target customer”.

The next step today to get to know the audience in depth. By understanding their impressions and the way they think and make a purchase decision. This is by monitoring their online shopping activities, discovering the keywords they are searching for, and also monitoring their behavior in stores and retail stores on the ground. All to create effective, attractive, and important digital content for the target group.

This is simply the importance of identifying and targeting the audience.

Let’s say your business is a web design, your focus and content will be for business owners who need websites and not retired seniors or kids.


The importance of tracking and analyzing content

The task of those in charge of creating sustainable digital content does not end when publishing or writing. After that, comes an important and no less important stage than the stages of content creation. Which is the analysis of the content that has already been submitted. Content analysis should not be limited to just views. But it is important to go beyond that to follow the behavior of individuals on the Internet towards the content you provide, and their impressions of it.

Content analysis also helps you to know your strengths and weaknesses, and then act on them. It is also important to stay aware of how well you rank in search engines and to constantly aim to improve your ranking.

Promote on social media

Share different content on each social network; To expand your brand’s reach and add new domains to your marketing campaigns.

Simply standardizing one content for all social media platforms is a huge mistake. It will cause customers to turn away from you and not follow you, you should offer different content on each of these platforms.

It should provide appropriate content for the target audience. Not only that but in line with the type of the platform. Content that is suitable for Facebook is not suitable for Instagram and vice versa. However, this requires you to study the characteristics of the segment you are targeting and which are present on each of the social media platforms separately.


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