Eight content marketing secrets to successfully promote your brand

Written by Azza Hawash

Eight content marketing secrets to successfully promote your brand

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Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage a brand and bring leads into the sales funnel. By incorporating strategic distribution, SEO, and inbound tactics as part of this approach, most companies achieve excellent returns on their content marketing investments.

Building a content marketing campaign strategy around specific goals a company wants to achieve helps narrow the focus, leading to improved results. For example, brand promotion requires different content than product marketing. To go deeper and help you with all types of marketing, we are happy to contact you.

Focus on problem-solving content

Focus on creating content to solve problems first. Businesses often obsess over top-of-the-funnel content that drives traffic without delivering conversions, Or they’ll expand on reviews of new products and exciting features without providing enough context. Instead, focus on your target audience. Craft use cases to show how your brand delivers successful solutions, interview successful customers, or create perfect demos for your potential customers to play with before they contact you. Simplify the process by closing the gap between the service or product and the actual outcome in the context of your ideal customer’s business.

Generate ideas from social media following

Generate content ideas from trends your customers are interacting with on social media. For example, if your target audience is Gen Z and Millennials, look at what’s happening on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to see what they’re engaging in and creating their own content now, then join them. Pitch your product or service while taking advantage of online trends to increase brand awareness among your customer base. Create blogs and videos on your site that cover trending topics and show how your customers can achieve or participate in them (ideally, using your products and services). Then distribute this content to the appropriate social channels to drive traffic and sales back to your site.

Incorporate question and answer format

One of the best secrets to content marketing success is incorporating a question-and-answer format into your content. Ultimately, content marketing is about brand exposure through web search traffic, so improving searchability is key. One of the leading ways search engines analyze the results they find on the web is by matching content to queries users submit in the search bar. So the best place to start when deciding what to include in your content marketing is by asking the types of questions your ideal customers ask in their online research. See the results from top-ranking competitors. Then make sure your content answers the same questions in a truly comprehensive and useful way. Not only will this increase your value to the customer, but you will also get a free boost in traffic.

Reuse content

One of the biggest challenges facing brands across all industries is consistently publishing and sharing content. Creating quality content takes time, but of course, that’s what every brand should strive for. When you’re short on time or simply run out of new ideas. A great way to share high-quality content is to repurpose your existing content. Reusing all or parts of your existing content in a different format is a great way to save time, expand your reach, and keep Google happy. Start by finding the pieces of content that get the most engagement, then decide which format will work best. Create an infographic to represent content visually, for example, or create a SlideShare presentation from a blog post.

Make your content stretch

The biggest secret of content marketing is that you have to work hard to scale your content. Most companies will put out content without a system in place to generate interest, convert leads, recycle that content, or leverage multiple platforms. True winners keep the big picture in mind and are quick to put things in place to maximize the content they offer.

Press the audience’s emotional buttons

The secret ingredient to content marketing success is emotion. No matter what type of content you create, try to find ways to push your audience’s emotional buttons. You can choose to inspire them, make them laugh, spark their fear of missing out, or spark their curiosity. If you look at the top posts on social media and in the blogging arena, you’ll find that the ones with headlines and emotional content are the ones that stand out the most. Use emojis, work on your headlines, and try to create content that will interest people and drive more traffic to your brand.

Striving to educate and highlight experiences

Content serves several important functions, from establishing you as an authority in your niche to drawing attention to your products and services and SEO. You can often combine these items into one piece. However, many blog posts, videos, and other content will have a more specific purpose. As a key content strategy, aim to educate and showcase your expertise, rather than just showing off your brand or products. This means going beyond your own business to look at the broader issues in your industry and the different problems that affect your audience. This not only helps with SEO, but you can rank for more terms. But it also helps you build trust, because it shows that you’re someone who knows how to provide solutions.

Don’t ignore content distribution

Distribution is as important as creation. At the beginning of the last decade, everyone was talking about the royal status of content. And yes, by and large, content is king. But distribution is the kingmaker. You can create great content consistently over a long period of time. But if you can’t get it in front of your audience, you haven’t achieved the communication or business results that come with it. As you conduct market research to obtain demographic information, find out where your potential customers congregate online. YouTube reviews, email newsletters, social media influencers, trends they care about, and more can provide insights into how to distribute your content assets once they’re created.


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