Designing Eye-Catching and Attractive Printed Materials

Written by Azza Hawash

Designing Eye-Catching and Attractive Printed Materials

Attractive Printed Materials

Designing Attractive Printed Materials and Eye-catching is the key to making the most of them. The types of printed materials and their purposes may differ, but they share the common goal of leaving a distinctive and lasting impression on your customers. Whether the purpose is to introduce a new entity, increase profits, or maintain the loyalty of existing customers, it is essential to design the printed materials in an attractive and eye-catching way.

10 Tips for Designing Eye-Catching and Attractive Printed Materials

Simplicity and Balance:

Keep your design simple, clean, and balanced. Overloading the print with too many details can have an adverse effect on the intended benefit of the design. Use negative space wisely to balance your design and facilitate the readability of your message, leaving the desired positive impression.

Matching Colors:

Choose a set of colors that work together and represent your brand. Use colors strategically to attract attention and reinforce the message you want to convey. It is also important to highlight the colors of your brand identity and those that suit the psychology of your target customer. You can find an article here about the impact of colors on your brand identity design.

Clear Lines:

Use clear and easy-to-read lines. Avoid ornate or complex fonts that are difficult to understand. Choose a font style that suits your brand style and enhances the aesthetics of your print materials. It is preferable to be up-to-date with the latest techniques currently used so that your design is in line with current trends.

Images and Graphics:

Use high-quality images and graphics that support your message and attract attention. These can be original images and graphics or licensed images. Avoid using random and irrelevant images.

Titles and Translations:

Design a strong and attractive title that grabs attention and explains the main content of the post. Use subheadings to facilitate reading and guide the reader to other important parts of the post. If you are targeting customers of other nationalities, ensure that your content is available in translation.

Use Distinctive Elements:

Add distinctive elements such as unique design elements that differentiate your post from the competition. These elements can be expressive lines or bold shapes, or the use of special printing techniques such as embossing or UV printing.

Use an Organizational Structure:

Organize the content in a logical and structured manner. Use design elements to divide your post and make it easier to read and understand. Make important elements visible and easily identifiable. You can design more than one draft of the structure you want to include in your content to make it easier for you to make a decision.

Material Selection:

Identify the appropriate materials for your publication. Depending on the quality and thickness of the paper, choose a smooth or non-glossy paper as needed. If you are designing a printed piece for an exhibition or trade show, you can choose other materials such as plastic or fabric to create a unique and attractive look. You can also print on promotional items like pens and other long-lasting ideas that provide an attractive printed design.


Before printing the final publication, create a digital proof or do a test print to see how it will look. Ensure that the colors, text, and images look good and balanced. You may need to make some adjustments and improvements before proceeding to the final print. You can read more about the importance of reviewing print drafts before the final printing.

Professional Consultation:

If you have a budget and need a professional and unique printed design, it may be best to consult a professional graphic designer. They will have the experience and knowledge to create a custom design that meets your needs and reflects your brand identity in an attractive way. This is what we could provide in Sponsorship, where we work with a team of the best graphic designers.

These are some basic tips if you want to design your prints in an attractive and eye-catching way. You can use and customize them according to your specific needs and the type of publication you are working on.


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