Creating online stores between present and future

Written by Azza Hawash

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Creating online stores between present and future

The establishment of several electronic stores has spread over the years and has achieved many profits and spread on a huge global level. Therefore, we show here examples of some of the world’s trusted electronic stores. We mention some ideas of electronic stores that are not widely spread. So you can start creating your own store.

Trusted global online stores


Amazon is the number 1 platform in the world of e-commerce, so it sits on the top of the list without a doubt. The site, according to the latest statistics, achieves more than two billion visits per month, which is a sign of the great confidence it has in the hearts of its loyal customers.

Most people prefer to shop from this store mainly because it has an easy and simple interface, and offers and discounts on many products that cannot be found in other electronic stores.

What distinguishes Amazon, in addition to the above, is the speed of delivery (it is considered one of the few sites in the world that started the same-day delivery service), as well as its presence in several countries other than the United States of America.


Aliexpress is one of the best e-commerce websites in the world, with a huge user base of nearly 1 billion users. The store is headquartered in China, and is a branch of the parent company of the Alibaba Group.

The site offers a huge variety of products, where you can buy almost everything, clothes (men, women, children), phones, kitchen utensils, accessories, jewelry.


Walmart is very popular within the United States of America, but its popularity has exceeded that, becoming one of the best business destinations for many online shoppers.

The store provides many options for its customers from home appliances, toys, electronics, sports equipment, groceries, etc.

In addition, the site offers discount coupons and important discounts on special occasions. It has a clear, simple interface, which makes the entire shopping process easy and fun.


Another unique store with eBay It is not only about buying products, but you can also display your own products for sale, where you can create your own shopping store with the help of the eBay Store application on the web, and then you can start the process of marketing and selling.

The site attracts a large number of buyers annually from all over the world, and on special occasions (such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, New Year…) it offers very special offers on different categories of products.


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Online store ideas to start your own business

Food and diet store

Of course, I will not tell you to set up an online store to sell food and drinks, the chance of getting satisfactory sales here is not great.

But what we mean is food products for people who follow a specific diet such as (keto), or for people who are allergic to a certain thing such as people who are sensitive to gluten or lactose, or any people who have nutritional problems.

Sports Equipment Store

During the Corona pandemic, many people were affected by the closure of sports centers. Sports equipment is a field of interest to many people. Many people prefer to exercise at home, and here is your chance to provide them with products that will help them stay fit.

This idea is one of the great online store ideas right now, and it is in great demand.

Online stores for natural handcrafted hair and skin products

You can create an online store that sells products for women’s hair and skin, I know you might say that this field is very competitive; From major giants such as Victoria’s Secret and La Roche Posay, to local companies.

The field of hair and skin products already has a lot, but I assure you that if your product is effective, and has a real impact, you will find satisfactory sales, especially if it is properly marketed.

Custom print shop

The prints include any material that can be printed on such as; Glass and ceramic mugs, T-shirts, bed pillows, and more.

It’s a huge and in-demand market. It has many young customers. The secret of the success of this type of trade, even on the ground. Is the customer’s desire to wear or acquire something special that is unique to him and of his choice, of course.

It is one of those online store ideas that have a great demand.

Online stores for wedding supplies

Weddings are the most happening events anytime and anywhere in the world. You can create an online store specialized in all wedding products from wedding dresses, jewelry, wedding venue rental. It offers the option of having a wedding planner. You can provide various price packages with an appropriate hierarchy, which increases with the increase in services.


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