The first step when creating a website

Written by Azza Hawash


The first step when creating a website

Creating a website has become very easy, but it must include a number of things to achieve its expected purpose.

In today’s article, we will provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating your own website.

The first step: Choose a suitable platform for creating a website

In order to be able to build a website, you must first choose the appropriate platform on which you will build this website.

What do we mean by platform?

Well, about ten years ago, websites were built using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and PHP. Learning each language and using it to build the website was very difficult.

For this very reason, we find that many still believe that creating a website from scratch is very difficult and requires advanced programming and design skills, but this is not true. Today in 2021, with content management systems known as CMS like WordPress, building a website has become available to everyone.

In simpler terms, the Content Management System is an easy-to-use platform used to build and create websites and manage your content online instead of resorting to using a programming language such as HTML, for example.

The most popular content-building systems used when creating a website:

Content building systems

As you can see, nearly half of the websites on the Internet were created using WordPress. This might make you wonder:

What makes WordPress better than others?

Free platform

Unlike most specialized website-building platforms and design software, WordPress won’t cost you anything to download or use. It is completely free and was developed by a number of web developers, and there is a large community of designers and programmers who have designed many distinctive ready-made templates from which you can choose what suits you.

Easy to use and highly customizable

If you know how to use Google Docs, you will know how to add your own content to WordPress.

Not only that, you can customize and expand WordPress as you wish by adding many plugins that allow you to add contact forms, registration forms, photo galleries, and e-stores to your site.

Whether you want to create a website for your small business or you want to build a giant online store, WordPress will meet all your needs.

It allows your site to be compatible with various devices

Whether your website pages are viewed via a smartphone, tablet, or computer, they will appear in a consistent and appropriate manner, and without you needing to do anything for that, as it is an automatic option available in WordPress.

The ability to get help at any time

This is through the large user community of this platform. That includes experts in the web industry, business owners and bloggers.

This way you will find help quickly, and any question or inquiry you have will be answered.

Are there other alternatives?

Of course, there are many alternatives that you can use if you do not prefer WordPress, including:

Squarespace: It gives you the ability to design attractive websites quite easily, but it is paid. The monthly subscription cost is relatively high and it does not allow you to migrate your website outside of it.

Drupal: This is a platform that is particularly popular among experienced web developers. The platform has a high learning curve, which makes it not a recommended option for beginners.

Joomla: This platform is very similar to WordPress, and it is a great tool for building websites, but it requires you to have basic programming knowledge to be able to build and manage the site exactly as you want.


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