Common mistakes when designing a business identity

Written by Azza Hawash

تصميم هوية تجارية

Common mistakes when design business identity

Design business identity is an important tool to help your brand connect with your audience, but just because you design business identity doesn’t mean it’s effective. There are many elements, big and small, that can sabotage your visual identity, from a clumsy design to indecipherable text.

These simple mistakes, whether intentional or unintentional, make it difficult to design business identity that works for your audience and your business. Even worse, many brands don’t even know they’re making these mistakes.

To avoid owning one of these brands, learn about the most common brand identity design mistakes, and some tips to help you improve your identity, differentiate your brand, and connect with the right audience.


First mistake: Not knowing your audience you’re trying to reach

Creating a strong visual identity is not about what you want; It’s the way you want to be seen. The better you communicate with your brand identity, the more reliably you will be able to connect with people.

But if your brand identity doesn’t align with your true identity, and doesn’t resonate with the right people, it won’t be successful (no matter how beautiful your logo is).


Second mistake: A meaningless logo

Logos are a lot of fun to design, but they can also be a huge inconvenience. Sure, you can design something beautiful and call it a day. But a really strong logo supports and enhances your core brand identity, mission, and business. If you can’t relate your logo to your brand, it’s time to update.

Of course, logo design requires a lot of deep thinking and serious brainstorming.


Third mistake: Design business identity too complex

Branding isn’t always flashy better. Some of the most popular brand logos are memorable because they use a simple, easily recognizable look. Using lots of photos and graphics won’t make you stand out from the crowd. If it attracts extra attention, it may be for the wrong reasons.

Avoid throwing complex graphics and color schemes that distract from your primary message. Don’t spoil your brand. Keep it simple with simple colors and icons. This will give your brand a chance to connect with quality and authenticity and increase the likelihood that it will last with anyone long after they have been introduced to it. Using branded templates can make the task of checking your company’s to-do list easier.


Fourth mistake: Bad Website design

It’s not just brand identity design mistakes that are bad. The use of indecipherable favicons, unresponsive websites, and low-resolution images are all degrading your brand experience.

Whether you’re designing your logo or your website, consider different use cases and user experiences. Will your logo display as nicely as a small profile picture, is this new interactive graph responsive to mobile, these are the crucial questions to ask.


Fifth mistake: Inconsistent elements

Just because you designed a logo and put together a few colors, doesn’t mean your visual brand identity is cohesive. If you want to create a unified experience, you need to design each element as a complement to the other.


Sixth mistake: Using bad and inappropriate fonts when designing a business identity

Using the right fonts can enhance or hinder the design of a distinctive brand identity. If items are too crowded, unintelligible, or confusing, you’re misusing your brand design.


Seventh mistake: There is no content sequence

Just like designing a brand identity that is fragmented without cohesion, brands that lack a proper content hierarchy are bad. It’s not just about the parts; It’s about how they go together. Including headers, sub-headings, main copy, images, sponsored content, etc.


Eighth mistake: Incomprehensible icons

Icons make business identity design easier, as they are a visual guide to communicating quickly and effectively without words. Therefore, simplicity and clarity are key. Unfortunately, many brands get carried away with the use of icons that are either redundant or too simple to understand.

تصميم هوية تجارية

Make your brand timeless by building your brand strengths. Avoid being too fashionable. Study market research and communicate regularly with clients and potential clients alike. Resist the temptation to put your brand all over the place, and instead focus on being true to what your brand does and how it can positively impact the lives of your target audience.


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